A Vision of the Possible alt

A Vision of the Possible

Pioneer Church Planting in Teams

by Daniel Sinclair

A Vision of the Possible
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  • Published: January 06, 2012
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We have long been aware of the challenge of reaching the unreached peoples of the world. For many this seemed a daunting and almost impossible task. However, with a clear biblical model of church planting, which works in divergent cultural settings, it seems that this may in fact be possible.

In A Vision of the Possible, Daniel Sinclair thoroughly covers practical whys and how-to's concerning pioneer church planting among unreached people groups, with applicable discussions from Scripture along the way. Its emphases include resistant environments and church planting in teams. It also includes the newly revised seven "Pioneer Church Planting Phases," which is widely used by mission agencies working among unreached peoples.

Those on the field, and those in preparation, including those in Bible schools and seminaries, will find this book immensely practical. Senders on the homefront will also find it invaluable, as they seek to understand the biblical and concrete issues the friends they support grapple with on a daily basis.

For over a decade Daniel Sinclair has served as field director for a major missions agency, overseeing approximately 750 fields workers from West Africa to Southeast Asia. Prior to that he and his family ministered in the Middle East for eleven years. He has two masters degrees in missions and Bible, has published various tools and articles about church planting among unreached peoples, and has taught as adjunct faculty at a major university.