Is God Real?
Is God Real?
  • Length: 80 pages
  • Published: July 05, 2007
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There are some questions you can't avoid, no matter what you believe. The question of God plagues true believers and earnest agnostics alike. Where does God come from? Can God be known? What difference does it make? This Critical Questions Discussion Guide by William Lane Craig and Charles Taliaferro provides a forum for exploring this question in a group or individually. Here are the engaging insights of world-class philosophers and theologians to help you on your way.


Introduction by Ravi Zacharias
Getting the Most Out of This Guide

1 Who or What Made God? Isaiah 40:12-14, 18-28
2 Does God Make Sense of the Universe? Genesis 1
3 Does Morality Need God? Exodus 20:1-23
4 Can Naturalism Make Sense of the Universe? Psalm 104:1-18, 24-
5 Is God Knowable? Psalm 34:4-10
6 What Difference Does God Make? John 1:1-18

Leader's Notes