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Songs for a Saviour's Birth

Journey through Advent with Elizabeth, Mary, Zechariah, the Angels, Simeon and Anna

by William Philip

Songs for a Saviour's Birth
  • Length: 112 pages
  • Published: October 20, 2016
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  • ISBN: 978-1-7835-9447-4
  • Item Code: P59447

Most of us are on the lookout for something fresh and different as we approach Advent and Christmas. How can we fully appreciate the familiar truths, treasuring yet again the good news and joy of the season? What will really make our hearts sing?

Christmas has always been a time for songs and singing. In this sure-footed, yet conversational and down-to-earth, little volume, William Philip enables us to feel the joy of those who first welcomed Christ into the world. He looks at the "songs" of key characters in the Christmas story: Elizabeth (joy for the hearers), Mary (joy for the humble), Zechariah (joy for the helpless), the Shepherds (joy for the heavens), and Simeon and Anna (joy for the hopeful).

This is a book to engage heart and head, as it moves between key passages from Luke's Gospel, from the song of the heavily pregnant to the song of a humble peasant, from the song of the helpless priest to the song of the heavenly proclaimers, and finally to the song of the hopeful "pensioners."

"A wonderful exploration of the Bible's own 'Christmas carols.' Saints, sceptics, seekers and Scrooges will find fuel here to warn the heart."

Jonty Rhodes

"Inspiring and informative. . . . Written not just for those who have found their Christian faith, but also for those who are still seeking and explornig. A great read for Advent."

Clare Hendry

"Takes the reader, with accuracy and deep devotion, from these wonderful songs of Scripture, to know, with new adoration, the Christ who was born."

Peter Dickson

"I'm so thankful for this fresh angle on the Christmas story."

Rico Tice