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You're not the only one.

The question is not whether you struggle with sexual integrity, but how you struggle. Male Christian leaders are among Satan?s primary targets for sexual sin and temptation, but many men are still burdened by past and current mistakes, needlessly struggling with shame and silence.

Michael Todd Wilson understands these challenges and provides honest, grace-filled counsel drawn from years of experience helping men pursue greater sexual integrity. He uncovers the everyday tendencies that keep us from overcoming our personal obstacles and provides fresh ideas to live in the light. Unburdened is perfect for individuals, groups or one-on-one mentoring relationships.

Whether you're still living with hidden sin or continuing to distance yourself further from its reach, step into the path of an expanding freedom to move beyond the sexual restraints that so easily bind us all.

"Thank you Michael Todd for the gift of Unburdened. It gives men the permission and opportunity to crack open the vault and be honest about their sexual integrity. I wish I could turn back time and accept this book's invitation to be honest and transparent with my own sexual integrity struggles. This book is a must-read and re-read for every Christian leader. For more than five years, MT's insight, care and leadership have been crucial in my own recovery from sexual integrity failures as a ministry leader. As I read Unburdened, I felt as if I were face-to-face with MT, talking about this crucial topic that most men desperately avoid."

Steve Fee, songwriter, worship leader, music producer

"Finding sexual integrity for pastors and church leaders is one of the most significant challenges of our age. Despite this desperate need for recovery, too many Christian leaders feel isolated and alone and suffer in quiet despair and shame. Michael Todd Wilson clearly lays out a thorough plan of healing and recovery in the pages of this book that will give you hope for the future. Thank you, Michael Todd, for being a pastor to our pastors and church leaders!"

Gary D. Campbell, CFA, president, PCA Retirement Benefits, Inc.

"Michael Todd Wilson's Unburdened is spot-on. This book will be an invaluable tool as I minister to men in our congregation and men serving as missionaries all over the world. The struggle with sexual integrity is not confined to western culture and its trappings. Men serving in some of the most remote places in the world have the same struggles. This book will save ministries!"

Ricky Wheeler, global ministries, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

"For many years I have worked alongside Michael Todd Wilson as a trusted colleague—coauthoring a book, sharing conference platforms and witnessing his effectiveness in working with Christian men in sexual integrity recovery. I am excited that he has distilled the wisdom of many years of professional work into his book Unburdened. It contains practical steps for guiding men into a God-empowered sexual integrity with many helpful stories and examples. I highly recommend this book, not only for those struggling through sexual brokenness, but for all men in Christian leadership as we work together to achieve the sexual integrity we so desire."

Doug Rosenau, psychologist, cofounder, Sexual Wholeness, Inc.

"What an amazing book! You open it expecting to find some practical advice on dealing with sexual temptation as a Christian leader (and you do!). But what you soon realize is that Michael Todd Wilson has such a fantastic grasp on the struggles of Christian leaders in general, you end up being ministered to in areas you never expected. Will this book help with sexual struggles? Undoubtedly. But expect it to do more. Expect it to help you become a better follower of Jesus and a better leader. Required reading for every seminarian. Highly recommended!"

Bruce Lowe, assistant professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary

"In Unburdened, Michael Todd Wilson makes a clear call for church leaders to lead the way in humbly and transparently owning their struggles with sexual integrity. After reading this book, I can see how this type of transparency from myself and other church leaders around the subject of sexual integrity will bring great freedom to the church today. This book is very practical and timely. I look forward to sharing this book with my sons, our staff and leaders in our church."

Craig A. Webb, pastor for vision and purpose, The Glade Church

"Finally, a book that targets Christian leaders in the area of sexual integrity. Unburdened is a practical biblical approach to placing the Christian leader on a proper path to healthy sexual integrity and back on a path to recovery before they become a casualty. Once you start reading this book you will find yourself on a journey that will change your life, marriage and ministry. As a seminary professor I have taught thousands of students using another recommended book by this author, Preventing Ministry Failure, and I now recommend this book as an educational tool in teaching students. This book will also be a useful resource in the ministry I have with pastors and other Christian leaders."

Donald Hicks, assistant professor of practical studies, Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary

"Unburdened is about real life. Michael Todd?s transparent approach to sexual integrity is refreshing and non-threatening. We (pastors) all need safe places for safe conversations about life's challenges. Unburdened not only helps you begin the conversation, but to remove the mask that prevents intimacy. This book will safeguard lives and save ministries. It's a must-read for every ministry professional."

Brad Hoffmann, pastor, Cool Spring Baptist Church, coauthor, Preventing Ministry Failure

"Leaders are often lonely people and many leaders aren't in touch with their own brokenness. Michael Todd Wilson provides a path toward spiritual, physical, emotional and sexual health. Life tends to be filled with pain and this book leads us toward the pain of discipline rather than the pain of regret. I hope you will give this book to any leader you know. It just might save their long-term effectiveness and health."

Jim Burns, president, HomeWord, author of Getting Ready for Marriage and Pass It On

"How I wish we had this important book earlier! When I was new in running a ministry, my then-director of operations caught an employee looking at porn on our computers, and we fired him the next day. I encouraged the man to get help, and didn't understand that the way I was handling it was making that far less likely. A few months later, a pastor we knew was discovered to have a sex addiction problem that he had hidden out of fear of that same sort of 'no discussion, no grace' outcome. Over the next few years of research, as my eyes were opened to the many reasons for sexual struggle, I saw just how many Christian leaders are struggling alone and don?t need to be! In this important book, Michael Todd Wilson calls Christian leaders to be willing to be courageously transparent about this tough subject and gives them specific tools for doing so. This book is so needed."

Shaunti Feldhahn, author of For Men Only and For Women Only

"Ministry failure and massive denial amongst clergy and lay leaders is pandemic. The topic of sexual integrity needs to be addressed and done so often. Read this book if you want to be a leader of moral integrity. Thank you to Michael Todd Wilson, one of the gifted leaders in our field, for taking this on."

Mark Laaser, author of Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction

"These resources provide outstanding help for each leader who currently is struggling and anyone who is in a position to help others. Throughout this book, Wilson stresses discipline. . . . Recovery happens because of discipline. He has written a comprehensive book with that same discipline, thereby offering great help and support to all Christian leaders."

Kent Miller, Youthworker Journal, March/April 2016


1. Welcome to the Path
2. Our Fellow Journeymen
3. The Mental Pathways of Men
4. The Grace-Based Path
5. The Discipline of Surrender
6. The Discipline of Radical Honesty with Self
7. The Discipline of Non-Ministry God Time
8. The Discipline of Body Maintenance
9. The Discipline of Intimate Relationships
10. Pursuing the Path of Hope
Appendix A: Sexual Integrity Action Steps
Appendix B: Mentoring and Leading Other Men Along the Path
Appendix C: Additional Resources

Michael Todd Wilson

Michael Todd Wilson is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified coach with Intentional Hearts, offering specialized coaching to Christian men in the recovery and pursuit of sexual integrity. He is also director of ShepherdCare, equipping Christian leaders for health and long-term effectiveness in ministry. He is the coauthor of Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality and Preventing Ministry Failure.

BY Michael Todd Wilson