We Speak DVD
We Speak DVD
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  • Number of Studies: 7
  • Published: June 05, 2015
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4426-5
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As Christians, we are called to speak.

Some of us speak out in our workplaces. Others in our schools or neighborhoods. Our audiences may vary in size, but we are all called to witness to Christ in us. Pastor Mike Baker puts it like this: "Jesus himself has commissioned each of us to be a witness for his kingdom. And every believer has a faith testimony—a story of how Jesus has made all the difference—compelling us to be his representatives." With seven ten-minute video teachings, this DVD is designed to be an encouragement and support as you identify and add your voice to the chorus.

Paired with the book that includes chapters by Mike Baker, daily devotions by J. K. Jones and a weekly group study guide by Jim Propst, you will have a complete curriculum ideal for a church-wide series. We live in an age of meaningless chatter. It's time what we became speakers of Truth.

"We Speak offers a heartfelt challenge for Christians to proclaim the story of Christ with courage and boldness. Mike Baker's passion for the preaching of the Gospel—whether in a pulpit before thousands or over coffee with a friend—drips from every page, carrying the reader through chapter after chapter of insight, encouragement and instruction about becoming 'dangerous witnesses' for Christ. . . . We Speak will advance the kingdom by challenging and equipping even the most complacent, the most tentative and the most passionate of believers to enter the conversation of our culture with the heart of Christ, the empowerment of the Spirit and the message of salvation."

Daniel Overdorf, dean of the School of Congregational Ministry, Johnson University

"We Speak is a strong call to evangelism, but it's not about guilt, tracts, or fire and brimstone. This book will remind you that the good news about Jesus is worth telling, but it will also help you know what to say and how to say it."

Kyle Idleman, teaching pastor, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY, and author of Not a Fan

"God has given each of us a very unique gift—our voice. Nobody can speak for us but us. In We Speak we are reminded of both the necessity and privilege of letting our voice be heard. There is a time, place and manner of speaking that maximizes what people hear us say. This is a great read for anyone who wants to make the most of their words."

Cal Jernigan, senior pastor, Central Christian Church of Arizona

"This high quality book, We Speak, won't quite fit in my hip pocket, but it does for my ministry what my Leatherman does for important fix-it jobs. This book is rich in both theological truths and practical application. From the words of a lowly quartet of lepers to the lofty proclamations of kings, We Speak reminds the reader of the power and importance of the words we are compelled to share about our faith. And if that wasn't enough, there is the added bonus of a small group study included. I'm confident you will gain as much from this great tool as I have."

Tom Ellsworth, senior pastor, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Bloomington, IN, author of Beyond Your Backyard and Inverted

"We Speak is sure to become a go-to small group Bible study and wonderful church resource. It's more than interesting; it's a challenge. . . . I see this as a potential best-seller. It's solid, fundamental teaching that is sure to inspire believers to speak in a variety of contexts on the most compelling of subjects: the Good News."

Von Mitchell, CBA Retailers + Resources, July 2015