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  • Ecologies of Faith in a Digital Age

    Ecologies of Faith in a Digital Age

    Spiritual Growth Through Online Education

    by Stephen D. Lowe and Mary E. Lowe

    Many Christian institutions have embraced new technologies, especially online education. But is it possible for us to grow spiritually through our digital communities? Steve Lowe and Mary Lowe, longtime proponents of online education, trace the motif of spiritual growth through Scripture and consider how students and professors alike might foster digital ecologies in which spiritual transformation can take place.

  • Posting Peace

    Posting Peace

    Why Social Media Divides Us and What We Can Do About It

    by Douglas S. Bursch

    Why is everyone so angry online? Pastor and former radio host Douglas Bursch provides a spiritual examination of why social media divides us and how Christians can address polarization through a ministry of peacemaking. Unpacking how technology radically changes our communication, Bursch offers practical examples of how to handle online conflict in redemptive ways.

  • Seminary Now is an on-demand, subscription-based educational platform for pastors and lay church leaders created in partnership with IVP. These video courses and certification programs deliver exclusive biblical, theological, and practical ministry training from a diverse group of leading educators and thought leaders, including many IVP authors. Accessible and convenient, Seminary Now courses cover practical ministry subjects like preaching, evangelism, mental health, racial reconciliation, women in ministry, and more.

  • A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus

    A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus

    by David Wilkie

    Thousands of people start their day with a shot of Coffee with Jesus, the critically acclaimed online comic strip. Find yourself in your favorite characters and laugh with Jesus at the absurdities of our world and the ways we walk in it with this venti-sized second collection, brought to you by Radio Free Babylon and InterVarsity Press.

  • Free


    Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most

    by Mark Scandrette
    With Lisa Scandrette
    Foreword by Richard Rohr

    Mark Scandrette joins his wife Lisa to share the secrets of how they bought a home and raised a family debt-free in the most expensive city in the United States. Packed with helpful exercises for getting a handle on your money story, Free gives you a path to financial freedom and spiritual flourishing.

  • From Topic to Thesis

    From Topic to Thesis

    A Guide to Theological Research

    by Michael Kibbe

    Every theology student has to write a research paper, but many do not know how to go about doing theological research. In this brief guide, Michael Kibbe introduces students to the basics of academic research, including how to gather and engage different sources, use online databases and bibliography software, and avoid common mistakes.

  • Coffee with Jesus

    Coffee with Jesus

    by David Wilkie

    Thousands of people start each day with a shot of Coffee with Jesus, the enormously popular online comic strip. Irreverent at times, yet always insightful, this volume features classic entries and all new, exclusive material, twelve-panel megastrips and "behind the strip" reflections on life, faith and art.