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Psalm 4: Dealing with Anger

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Psalms.

Anger is an emotion common to all people. Anger in itself is not sin. It is simply an emotion, a God-given part of life as a human being. It's a natural reaction to threats or injuries; yet anger is all too often expressed in ways that spread the harm around. The Old Testament is full of references to God's righteous anger or indignation against sin, and this emotional aspect of God's character also appears in the New Testament through Christ. How can we learn to "be angry, but sin not"?

Warming Up to God

How do you generally respond when you are angry? (For example, do you talk about it or do you keep it to yourself?)

Read Psalm 4

Discovering the Word

  • What is David angry about (v. 2)?
  • How does David deal with his anger (vv. 1, 3)?
  • In verse 4 David suggests that we can be angry and not sin. How do you think that could be possible?
  • What do you think David means by the phrase "search your hearts and be silent" (v. 4)?

Applying the Word

  • How can reflecting on angry feelings be a healthy way of dealing with anger?
  • How can knowing the joy of the Lord (vv. 6-7) help you deal with anger?

Responding in Prayer

Talk to God about any anger you are dealing with right now. Ask him to help you express it directly and not hold it in.

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