Bakht Singh of India

Bakht Singh of India

The Incredible Account of a Modern-Day Apostle

by T. E. Koshy

Bakht Singh of India
  • Length: 207 pages
  • Published: March 01, 2008
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-5608-4
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This is the story of Bakht Singh, a man who God used, despite his human frailties and limitations, to do extraordinary things. During the time of India's struggle for political independence, Singh's ministry grew from obscure evangelist and revivalist to world-renowned church planter and speaker.

This amazing account of Singh's life journey--from a Sikh to an atheist to a miraculous conversion to Christ--is filled with examples of a life lived totally comitted to God. Along the way, he depended solely on God for his every need, both personal and corporate. Even in the simplest matters he did nothing without first seeking to know the will of God. The result is a story full of God's miraculous provisions and timing for this man of faith and prayer.

This authorized biography, written by Dr. T. E. Koshy, narrates how God led Bakht Sing to establish indigenous local churches patterned after New Testament principles, which helped dispel the misconception that Christianity is a Western religion and not relevant to the people of India. Dr. Koshy's intimate account of the vision and mission of this incredible man includes his extensive research and interviews with Singh, his siblings, friends and fellow associates to give an account of this man of God previously unknown to many.

You will be inspired as you read what God can do with someone who is willing to trust him, no matter the cost.



Part 1: An Apostolic Conversion
1. Home-Call
2. Punjabi Childhood
3. Education, Experience and Conversion
4. A Chosen Vessel
5. Itinerant Preacher: Bombay and Beyond
6. Martinpur and Beyond
7. Revival Across the Sub-Continent

Part 2: An Apostolic Revival
8. Jehovah-Shamma: A New Beginning
9. Jehovah-Shamma: To the Praise of God's Glory
10. Andhra Pradesh and Beyond
11. World Wide Impact
12. Spiritual Secrets of Bakht Singh's Life and Ministry
13. Bakht Singh's Vision for the Church
14. Man of God: Feet of Clay
15. Conclusion

Appendix: Bakht Singh's Guidelines for Finding God's Will

Dr. T. E. Koshy was born and raised in Kerala, India. He has multiple degrees from the University of Bombay, Moorland Bible College in England and Syracuse University, where he also holds a PhD in mass communications. Koshy is an international speaker and teacher and has ministered in around forty countries. He is married to Indira and lives in Syracuse, New York.