Based on a True Story, By James Choung

Based on a True Story

IVP Booklets

by James Choung

Based on a True Story
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Dimensions: 3.5 × 5 in
  • Published: March 18, 2008
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 0037
  • ISBN: 9780877840374

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Everybody likes a good story. Especially if it's based on true, real-life events. But what kind of story is compelling enough to transform your life? Can a story be powerful enough to change the whole world?

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James Choung

James Choung is vice president of strategy and innovation for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. He has been in campus ministry for over twenty-five years and previously served as InterVarsity's national director of evangelism. He is also the author of Real Life and coauthor of Longing for Revival.