Basic Discipleship

Basic Discipleship

by Floyd McClung

Basic Discipleship
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Published: July 27, 1992
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1319-3
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The Basics:

  • Living under Christ's lordship
  • Remaining faithful
  • Finding God's will
  • Turning away from sin
  • Nurturing humility
  • Evangelizing with our whole lives

The basics begin at the beginning. And that's where Floyd McClung starts. What does it mean for Christ to be Lord of my whole life? Why is that important? How does it happen? On this foundation he lays the other basic building blocks that can last our whole lives--thwarting the power of sin, making wise decisions and more.

It won't be easy. There will be struggle. There will be sacrifice. But it will be worth it.


Have You Ever Felt Like a Failure?
1. Lord of All
2. The Framework of Obedience
3. Being Faithful
4. Be All God Wants You to Be
5. Making Decisions
6. Whom Do We Serve?
7. Open to God
8. Power to Turn Away from Sin
9. Pride: The Unseen Sin
10. How to See the Unseeable
11. Humility: Focusing on Christ
12. Wholehearted Friendship
13. Finding a Common Ground
14. Overcoming Fear

Further Reading on Evangelism

Floyd McClung

Floyd McClung (1945-2021) was the international director of All Nations, an international leadership training and church-planting network. With All Nations, Floyd and his wife, Sally, led a training and outreach community in Cape Town, South Africa. Floyd is the author of twelve books, including the bestsellers The Father Heart of God and Living on the Devil's Doorstep.