Be Not Afraid, By David Ivaska
Be Not Afraid
  • Length: 132 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Published: February 28, 2000
  • Imprint: IVP Bible Studies
  • Item Code: 1186
  • ISBN: 9780830811861

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"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7-10

God offers you his comfort. He promises you his power and strength. But when hard times hit--illness, death, job loss, relationship troubles--it is often hard to remember, to believe that God is with you.

Again and again Scripture teaches, "Do not be afraid." In this book of daily Bible studies David Ivaska has gathered God's words of encouragement for you. As you explore God's promises from the Old and New Testaments, you'll be reassured of God's goodness. As you dwell on the truth of God's sovereignty and faithfulness, your hope will be restored.

Be Not Afraid includes ten weeks' worth of daily Bible studies, with the seventh study in each week designed either for individual study or for a small group wrap-up session. The six individual studies each week feature introductory material, a Scripture passage (NIV text reprinted alongside for handy reference), 3-5 questions for reflection, and a prayer. Whether you feel anxiety over one great issue or many small ones, this Bible study guide will give you the tools day-by-day to turn over to God all your cares and worries.



Week 1: From Fear to Faith
Day 1: Hiding from God: Adam
Day 2: Facing Tragedy: Hagar
Day 3: Much to Fear: Isaac
Day 4: Two Conflicting Desires: Jacob
Day 5: Deserving Retribution: Joseph's Brothers
Day 6: Facing Death: Joseph
Small Group Study: God's Reassuring Word of Hope

Week 2: Be Strong Courageous
Day 1: Anticipating the Worst: Moses
Day 2: Facing a New Daunting Task: Joshua
Day 3: Dealing with Sin: Joshua
Day 4: Failing to Seek God: Joshua
Day 5: Facing an Unfinished Task: Joshua
Day 6: When Timidity Uncertainty Immobilize: Gideon
Small Group Study: Nowhere to Turn

Week 3: If Only You Could See
Day 1: No More to Give: Elijah
Day 2: Seeing the Unseen: Elisha
Day 3: The Battle Is the Lord's: Jehoshaphat
Day 4: Gaining Confidence: Jeremiah
Day 5: Bold to Speak Out: Ezekiel
Day 6: A Perplexing Future Unanswered Prayer: Daniel
Small Group Study: God's Invitation to See the Impossible

Week 4: Encouraging Others Who Fear
Day 1: Offering Protection: David Abiathar
Day 2: Encouraging Perseverance: Jonathan David
Day 3: Keeping Promises: David Mephibosheth
Day 4: Providing for Needs: David Solomon
Day 5: "God Is Greater": Hezekiah His Officers
Day 6: "Do Not Run Away": Jeremiah Israel
Small Group Study: When Fear Reigns Motivation Wanes

Week 5: You Are Mine
Day 1: Streams in the Desert
Day 2: Good News to Share
Day 3: God Holds My Hand
Day 4: No Other Rock
Day 5: Making Things Right
Day 6: This Is Our Heritage
Small Group Study: God's Commitment to His People

Week 6: I Know My God Is for Me
Day 1: The Lord Lifts Up My Head
Day 2: The Lord Shepherds Me
Day 3: The Lord Keeps Me Safe
Day 4: The Lord Makes Me Glad
Day 5: The Lord Redeems Me
Day 6: The Lord Keeps My Feet from Stumbling
Small Group Study: Resting in God's Shelter

Week 7: Fearing God
Day 1: Don't Forget What God Has Done for Us: Moses
Day 2: The One Thing God Desires for Us: Moses
Day 3: Taking Time Out: Moses
Day 4: Fearing God Is the Beginning of Wisdom: Solomon
Day 5: Understanding the Fear of the Lord: Solomon
Day 6: Returning to God: Joel
Small Group Study: Learning to Fear God but Not to Be Afraid

Week 8: Your Savior Has Come
Day 1: You Have Found Favor with God: Mary Joseph
Day 2: I Bring You Good News of Great Joy: The Shepherds
Day 3: From Now On You Will Fish for Men: Peter
Day 4: You Are Not Alone in the Storm: The Twelve Disciples
Day 5: You Are Eyewitnesses of His Majesty: Jesus' Inner Circle
Day 6: You Are Not Bothering the Teacher: Jairus
Small Group Study: Serving Jesus Without Fear

Week 9: "My Peace I Leave with You"
Day 1: "See, Your King Is Coming"
Day 2: "I Go to Prepare a Place for You"
Day 3: "I Have Overcome the World"
Day 4: "He Has Risen, Just As He Said"
Day 5: "As the Father Has Sent Me, So Send I You"
Day 6: "Stop Doubting and Believe"
Small Group Study: "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"

Week 10: A Peace You Cannot Fathom
Day 1: You Are More Important: Jesus
Day 2: Nothing Can Separate Us from Christ's Love: Paul
Day 3: A Peace That Guards Your Heart Mind: Paul
Day 4: The Reason for Hope: Peter
Day 5: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear: John
Day 6: Once Dead but Now Alive: John
Small Group Study: Cast All Your Anxieties on God


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David Ivaska is an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff member now working to build financial partnerships for the worldwide campus ministries of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, of which IVCF is a member. He has taught Bible study methods to Christians around the world.