Beautiful Feet: Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness, By Jessica Leep Fick

Beautiful Feet

Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness

by Jessica Leep Fick

Beautiful Feet
  • Length: 223 pages
  • Published: July 28, 2015
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 4320
  • ISBN: 9780830843206

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"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" —Romans 10:15

Sometimes women feel like we're not cut out for evangelism. We may worry that our female bodies get in the way of our witness, or that we will seem awkward or pushy. We can feel insecure, like what we do won't make a difference in leading people to Jesus.

Evangelist Jessica Leep Fick believes that God has created women to go to amazing and ordinary places to share his love. We have aptitudes and abilities that God can use in his mission, like gifts of collaboration, empathy and the ability to share vulnerably. Women throughout Scripture were heralds of the gospel, and we can be too.

Get ready to join Jessica and women across the globe on this adventure of sharing Jesus with confidence and love. This upbeat, motivating guide will unleash what God has created in you to boldly and lovingly share Jesus. Discover how you too have beautiful feet.

"With the defining question Are you willing? Jessica Fick paints an astounding picture of the beauty that is released when we share our imperfect stories with those around us. Mistakes, human failure and the circumstances of our lives that we cover in shame all become truly transformational when placed in the Master's hands. Written with candid passion, Beautiful Feet is a beautiful call to share this story with so many who need to hear our God story and removes the fear and hesitation in sharing it."

Sherry Surratt, CEO and president, MOPS International

"Jessica Fick manages to combine being a woman and being a witness. She reflects on issues of makeup, appearance, low self-esteem, depression, fashion and comfort food along with her vocation, ministry, leadership, prayer and most especially calling as an evangelist. She is honest, raw, hopeful, inspiring and cool. We need more beautiful women with beautiful feet like Jessica, and if you want to be one or understand one, this is a great book for you! Really fun!"

Rick Richardson, professor of evangelism and leadership, Wheaton College, author of Reimagining Evangelism

"Every woman who wants to share Jesus should read this book! Jessica uses humor, personal stories and wonderful theology not only to encourage but also to train in how to make disciples."

Greg Nettle, president, Stadia

"Evangelism isn't a calling or gifting reserved for men, and now we finally have a book that speaks directly to women with respect as those also created in God's image. Jessica Leep Fick writes with the voice of a teacher, preacher, neighbor and woman—owning and celebrating the many seasons of life, relationships, and expressions of femininity, broken and redeemed. She is a needed voice in the training up of evangelists but more importantly in our faithful, day-to-day lives as Jesus followers."

Kathy Khang, director of campus access initiatives, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, coauthor of More Than Serving Tea

"Jessica's verve and sensibility combine to make Beautiful Feet as practical as it is inspiring. For all of us navigating the call to witness, this book is good news."

Debra Hirsch, author of Untamed and Redeeming Sex

"Evangelism can be a scary journey for many of us. It's easier to say that we haven't been called to travel this road, but the truth is that God has intended for every one of us to carry and deliver the message of Jesus wherever we go. Jessica Fick understands our fears and fragilities in starting this journey. But she doesn't let us get away with avoiding the call. Instead, she challenges us with honesty, humor and heartfelt exhortations to move our beautiful feet and bring good news to a world that needs Jesus. In this much-needed book, we learn so much from Jessica and her examples in everyday witness."

Helen Lee, author of The Missional Mom

"With a powerful and distinctly feminine voice, Fick challenges the church's understanding about the role of women in evangelistic ministry, correcting long-held assumptions about the male-dominated world of preaching evangelists. With humor, style and theological accuracy, Fick contends for the gender-inclusivity of the role of evangelist. Truly and unfortunately, a rare book celebrating the unique role women play in the work of evangelism. This book is sure to set many women free to proclaim the gospel with all the gifts and fervor the Spirit of God has given them."

R. York Moore, national evangelist, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, author of Making All Things New and Growing Your Faith by Giving It Away

"In her snappy, super-honest and sometimes disarmingly snarky style, Jessica Fick takes the sting out of sharing our faith. Whether we wear flip flops or stilettos, this gal challenges us all to put on shoes and walk our beautiful feet out to share our hope with our world."

Elisa Morgan, speaker, author, The Beauty of Broken and Hello, Beauty Full, cohost, Discover the Word

"Passionate and practical, filled with biblical insights and wisdom from lessons hard won. In Beautiful Feet Jessica Fick equips us to leave the footprints of our faith journey wherever we walk in life. Empowering and inspirational!"

Jo Saxton, chair of 3DMovements and author of More Than Enchanting

"I commend Jessica's book to everyone who wrongly thinks, 'people aren't interested in God.' In these chapters you'll see that God is on the move, bringing his saving story to curious and lost people through regular Christians like us."

Lon Allison, former executive director, Billy Graham Center, author, Going Public with the Gospel

"While there is increased openness to women in ministry within Evangelicalism, female evangelists seem much rarer than pastors. Yes Rebecca Manley Pippert wrote one of the best evangelism manuals around, but that was in the late 70s. Where are the women evangelists these days? Enter Jessica Leep Fick. . . . In Beautiful Feet she explores the joy and challenges women face as they engage in the work of evangelism. Fick acknowledges that systemic and institutional problems cause women to devalue their contribution to sharing good news (i.e. sexism, harsh complementarianism, etc.). She wants women to see they are fearfully and wonderfully made and their beautiful feet are capable of bringing good news to a world which can use some. . . . I recommend this book for women who are interested in sharing their faith."

James Matichuk, Thoughts, Prayers Songs, December 14, 2015

"Beautiful Feet is a great resource and a source of encouragement for women who are struggling to figure out how evangelism looks in everyday life. . . . What I appreciated most about this book was that it dispelled some of the myths of evangelism and gave a fresh perspective about what it means to live out your faith in the 21st century. Fick also does a great job of reminding us that while we don't always feel as if we are making a difference, we still are called to be faithful—and sometimes faithfulness comes in the form of being willing to have a conversation. This book definitely is written for women and would be a great read for any woman struggling to share her faith. However, I also think there are some great stories that could be used within the youth ministry context to help our students think outside the box when sharing their faith."

Andrea Sawtelle, Youthworker Journal, March/April 2016


Introduction: Can God Use Me?
1. Uncomfortable
2. We Saw Your Boobs
3. Fashionistas for Jesus
4. First-Date Awkwardness
5. Choose the Right Shoes
6. Burning Man and the Resurrected Man
7. Connecting God?s Story, My Story Her Story
8 Experiments in Loving Others
9. Are You a Peacock or a Pigeon?
10. Rest and Other Strange Concepts
11. Life Changes, God Is Unchanging
12. Compassionate Calluses
Appendix A: The Big Story
Discussion Guide
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Jessica Leep Fick

Jessica Leep Fick is evangelism resources director for Stonecroft, a women's ministry based in Kansas City. Previously she served as a writer and evangelist for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, preaching, teaching, and doing evangelism training at conferences, churches, and campus groups across the country. She loves to help believers have fun with Jesus in his mission and talk with people who don't follow Jesus about their spiritual questions. Jessica believes that the good news of Jesus should influence every area of life—not just the soul—and is passionate about following Jesus as a wife, mom, preacher, neighbor, student, and friend. She has a master's degree in evangelism and leadership from Wheaton College Graduate School and lives in Kansas City with her husband and two sons.