Bible Matters
Bible Matters
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  • Published: January 23, 2018
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The Bible is God's Word.

The Bible teaches us how we should live.

The Bible is something we should read every day.

The Bible is something we should enjoy reading.

Most of us agree with these statements. At least in theory. But what's our reality?

Sometimes reading the Bible is a delight. But if we’re honest, many times reading the Bible feels like hard work and we read out of a sense of obligation. Some of us have given up entirely.

Tim Chester reminds us that every time we read the Bible we hear the voice of God. The One who spoke and brought the universe into existence, whose voice thundered from Mount Sinai, and whose words healed the sick is who speaks to us today. So as we read the Bible we don’t merely learn information about God—we hear his voice and encounter his presence.

Including a study guide for group use, this book helps us approach reading the Bible with an eager anticipation, expecting to hear God’s voice and meet him in his Word.

"In this relatively short book, Tim Chester has managed to cover comprehensively key issues about why the Bible should play a crucial role in a growing relationship with God. It would probably be helpful to mull over each chapter and seek to put the ideas into practice as you read the Bible. The areas covered in this book will help to enrich your encounter with God as you engage with his word."

Elaine Duncan, chief executive, Scottish Bible Society

"Tim answers a lot of common questions, speaks to a lot of common issues, and most of all helps us to see how the most important voice in the universe speaks to us in the Bible. This is more than useful—it's inspiring."

Julian Hardyman, senior pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge

"Tim Chester is one of the clearest, most useful and reliable Christian writers in the United Kingdom today. This book on the Bible will encourage and reassure you and answer many questions. Tim is widely and deeply read, yet he writes with great accessibility and pastoral sensitivity, coming alongside the reader to instruct and to apply his teaching to life in the modern world."

Peter Lewis, author, conference speaker, former senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, Nottingham

"Inspirational, profound, realistic. In ten easy to read yet informative chapters and using immensely practical examples, Tim Chester shows how we can approach the Bible so that, when we read it or hear it preached, we can hear the voice of God who refreshes our souls and makes us wise. If you can buy only one book on the Bible, buy this one!"

Tricia Marnham, Bible teacher and director of women's ministry, St. Michael's, Chester Square, London

"I am delighted to commend Tim Chester's Bible Matters, the latest addition to the Keswick Foundations series. I've been encouraged and taught by it as I've read it. I appreciated the comprehensive yet accessible coverage, the merging of the historical, theological, personal, and applied, the turns of phrase, the clarity, and the imagery. The most striking insight for me is that the Bible is 'weird' and not the kind of book that we would write because its purpose is not simply to give information about God but to develop our relationship with God. But there are many more [such insights]. Buy, read, recommend, lend, give away!"

James Robson, ministry director, Keswick Ministries

"In Bible Matters, Tim Chester has simply and powerfully explained the brilliance and necessity of the Bible. I was reminded and refreshed of why it is so important for the Jesus follower to be immersed in the Bible. Bible Matters is accessible for both the new Christian and the seasoned believer—it left me desiring to know God more and to be in the Scriptures daily!"

Brian Howard, chairman of the board, Acts 29

"Tim Chester's Bible Matters clearly explains why the Bible is not just a part of culture, since it is the record of 'The God Who Speaks.'"

Marvin Olasky, World Magazine, May 26, 2018

"This book is a theology of the Bible as the Word of God, but in a popular format. The Bible is inspired, not dead but living, and promotes Christ from beginning to end. It’s also given for a purpose, is sufficient, reliable, and accessible. Mostly, it's relational, and not just a collection of historic documents, though it's also historic, of course. . . . This book is ideal as a primer for new believers wanting to get a bigger picture of the faith, as well as a Bible study tool for small groups. Chester's study guide at the close takes readers through his key points, substantiating them with Scripture."

Gerald Wisz, Christian Market, January 2018

"Nonbelievers and new believers alike will find this resource valuable for personal Bible study and for fostering a deeper appreciation for the God who still speaks through his word."

Kelley Mathews, Bible Study Magazine, January/February 2019


1. The God Who Speaks
2. God Spoke in the Bible
3. God Speaks in the Bible
4. God Speaks Jesus in the Bible
5. The Bible is Relational
6. The Bible Is Intentional
7. The Bible Is Enough
8. The Bible Is Reliable
9. The Bible Is Accessible
10. Dying to Read the Bible
Conclusion: Why I Love the Bible
O Lord Our Rock
Study Guide
Notes for Leaders
Further Reading

Tim Chester

Tim Chester is a pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, England, and a faculty member with the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy. He was previously research and policy director for Tearfund and tutor in missiology at Cliff College. Tim is the author of over thirty books, including The Message of Prayer, Closing the Window, Good News to the Poor, and A Meal with Jesus.