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Cold Civil War

Cold Civil War

Overcoming Polarization, Discovering Unity, and Healing the Nation

by Jim Belcher
Foreword by John D. Wilsey

America is experiencing extreme polarization and fragmentation that could split the country in two. How can we bring America back together before its too late? Laying out a quadrant framework of understanding today's political climate, Jim Belcher reveals both why we're divided and how to move beyond the left-right stalemate toward a new vital center.

The Great Quest

The Great Quest

Invitation to an Examined Life and a Sure Path to Meaning

by Os Guinness

What is life all about? Is there any meaning to our existence? Os Guinness invites us to examine our lives and join the quest for meaning and a life well lived. Calling for a firm grasp of reason, an honest awareness of conscience, and a living sense of wonder, this volume invites you to come and find yourself on a sure path to meaning.

What Are Christians For?

What Are Christians For?

Life Together at the End of the World

by Jake Meador

Though fidelity to the common good ought to define our politics, the modern revolutions of the West have poisoned common life in America. Uninterested in the cultural wars that have often characterized American Christianity, Jake Meador casts a vision for an anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and profoundly pro-life Christian politics rooted in the givenness and goodness of the created world.

Discover Your Gifts

Discover Your Gifts

Celebrating How God Made You and Everyone You Know

Lutheran Hour Ministries Resources

by Don Everts

Each of us has gifts to offer to the world around us, but we have not always identified or deployed them effectively. Incorporating new research on the impact that our gifts can make, Don Everts explores the many kinds of gifts God gives, whether spiritual, civic, artistic, or entrepreneurial. Discover how our gifts can pave a way for reconnecting with our communities.

Road to Flourishing

Road to Flourishing

Eight Keys to Boost Employee Engagement and Well-Being

by Al Lopus
With Cory Hartman
Foreword by Peter Greer

What makes for a flourishing workplace? With compelling case studies from the Best Christian Workplaces Institute along with enlightening personal anecdotes, Al Lopus demonstrates how companies and ministries can accomplish work that matters by building fantastic teams, cultivating life-giving work, attracting and retaining outstanding talent, and much more.

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