Books can be more than just casual reading—if you let them, they can serve as a catalyst for action and growth. Addressing the important topics we're facing today, IVP books are known for thoughtful, scriptural, culturally engaged content.

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Blessed Are the Nones

Blessed Are the Nones

Mixed-Faith Marriage and My Search for Spiritual Community

by Stina Kielsmeier-Cook

When her husband left Christianity several years into their marriage, Stina Kielsmeier-Cook was left struggling to live the Christian life on her own. In this memoir, she tells the story of her mixed-faith marriage and how she found unexpected community with an order of Catholic nuns, discovering that she was not "spiritually single" after all—and that no one really is.

Marriage in the Middle

Marriage in the Middle

Embracing Midlife Surprises, Challenges, and Joys

by Dorothy Littell Greco

Midlife is a season of challenge and change—professionally, relationally, physically, and spiritually. But "midlife" doesn't have to be synonymous with "crisis" within our marriages. With vulnerability and insight, this book will inspire and encourage you to invest in your relationship with your spouse, enabling you both to thrive as you face this era together.

Liberation Is Here

Liberation Is Here

Women Uncovering Hope in a Broken World

by Nikole Lim

When confronted with the prevalence of sexual violence in Kenyan and Zambian communities, filmmaker Nikole Lim committed to advocating alongside her courageous African sisters to end the cycle of violence through faith, education, and self-empowerment. Weaving together these women's powerful stories, Lim paints a picture of God's grace and healing amid fear and trauma.

Rhythms for Life

Rhythms for Life

Spiritual Practices for Who God Made You to Be

by Alastair Sterne

Spiritual transformation is not a one-size-fits-all journey—we each need distinct spiritual rhythms that align us with our unique identity and calling in Christ. In this practical book Alastair Sterne shows how we can craft a life of more intentionality, offering fourfold rhythms that point us upward to God, inward to self, withward in community, and outward in mission.

The Singer

The Singer

A Classic Retelling of Cosmic Conflict

The IVP Signature Collection

by Calvin Miller
Foreword by Jeff Crosby

In this timeless classic now available in the IVP Signature Collection, Calvin Miller retells the story of Jesus through an allegorical poem about a Singer whose song could not be silenced. Since it was first published in 1975, The Singer has offered believers and seekers the world over a deeply personal encounter with the gospel.

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