Campus Life: In Search of Community alt

Campus Life

In Search of Community

Expanded Edition

by Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Edited by Drew Moser and Todd C. Ream
Foreword by David Brooks
Contributions by Ernest L Boyer

Campus Life
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  • Published: June 18, 2019
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In 1990, under the direction of Ernest Boyer, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching published a classic report on the loss of a meaningful basis for true community on college campuses—and in the nation. Now this expanded edition of Campus Life: In Search of Community reintroduces educational leaders to the Boyer report's proposals while offering up-to-date analysis and recommendations for Christian campuses today.

Editors Drew Moser and Todd C. Ream have assembled pairs of academic and student-development leaders from top Christian colleges to offer a hopeful update on the practical contributions of Christian higher education to the practice of community. This volume includes new chapters, the long out-of-print Boyer report in its entirety, and a discussion guide to facilitate team conversations.

Higher education now stands at a critical point, yet the contributors to this expanded edition of Campus Life see current challenges as an opportunity to revive Boyer’s commitment to its formative power. Contributors include:

  • Mark L. Sargent and Edee Schulze of Westmont College
  • Randall Basinger and Kris Hansen-Kieffer of Messiah College
  • Brad Lau and Linda Samek of George Fox University
  • Stephen T. Beers and Edward Ericson III of John Brown University
  • Paul O. Chelsen and Margaret Diddams of Wheaton College
  • Doretha O'Quinn and Tim Young of Vanguard University

Christian higher education now stands at a critical point, yet the contributors to this expanded edition of Campus Life see current challenges as an opportunity to revive Boyer's commitment to understanding the formative power of Christian higher education.

"Ernest L. Boyer and his colleagues at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching published essential works on higher education, and Campus Life: In Search of Community was certainly among them. This important report was valuable to me as a university president when it was originally published. So often I would hear from faculty, students, and staff: 'You have a problem and you must solve it.' The key, I learned, was to shift the matter to 'We have a problem and we must do something about it.' But that shift is possible only when there is a real sense of campus community, a sense of belonging on the part of everyone. This fine volume is a valuable guide in building and maintaining a campus community. The editors of this expanded edition have done an important service not only by making Campus Life available again but also by combining it with essays focused on Christian campuses. As David Brooks suggests in his splendid forward, leaders of all colleges and universities can gain insights on building community from those campuses, whether or not they are faith-based."

Thomas Ehrlich, president emeritus, Indiana University

"Nearly thirty years ago, Ernest Boyer issued a call for colleges and universities to be not just research and teaching centers but true learning communities. Today that need is as urgent as ever, and Christian colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to create the kind of vibrant communities that educate the soul as well as the mind. In this important volume, seasoned higher education professionals offer practical insights and examples of how such communities can thrive in today's challenging environment. This book will be valuable to readers interested in understanding what makes Christian colleges and universities so unique, as well as to educators seeking to develop such communities at their own institutions."

Rick Ostrander, vice president for research and scholarship, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, Washington, DC

"This is a thoughtful, justice-oriented approach to thinking about some of the most difficult topics and challenges on college campuses today, as well as the obligations Christian colleges have to the world, their faculty and staff, and most of all, the students who attend them. A thorough and invaluable resource."

Donna Freitas, author of The Happiness Effect and Sex and the Soul

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Foreword: The Cultural Value of Christian Higher Education (David Brooks)
A Note to Readers
Editors' Acknowledgments

Part One: Campus Life—A Recurring Challenge or Opportunity?
Prologue: In Search of Renewal (Again) (Drew Moser and Todd C. Ream, Taylor University)
1. A Purposeful Community (Mark L. Sargent and Edee Schulze, Westmont College)
2. An Open Community (Randall Basinger and Kris Hansen-Kieffer, Messiah College)
3. A Just Community (Brad Lau and Linda Samek, George Fox University)
4. A Disciplined Community (Stephen T. Beers and Edward Ericson III, John Brown University)
5. A Caring Community (Paul O. Chelsen and Margaret Diddams, Wheaton College)
6. A Celebrative Community (Doretha O'Quinn and Tim Young, Vanguard University)
Epilogue: Walking the "Narrow Ridge" of Christian Calling and Academic Excellence—Beck A. Taylor, Whitworth University

Part Two: Campus Life by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (1990)
Foreword by Ernest L. Boyer
Prologue: In Search of Renewal
1. A Purposeful Community
2. An Open Community
3. A Just Community
4. A Disciplined Community
5. A Caring Community
6. A Celebrative Community
Epilogue: Compact for Community
Appendix A: National Survey of College and University Presidents, 1989
Appendix B: National Survey of Chief Student Affairs Officers, 1989
Appendix C: Technical Notes
Appendix D: Carnegie Classifications
Discussion Guide
About the Editors
About the Contributors


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