Christian Confidence

Christian Confidence

An Introduction to Defending the Faith

by Chris Sinkinson

Christian Confidence
  • Length: 240 pages
  • Published: July 10, 2012
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3786-1
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Philosophy, archaeology and science are hot topics in Christian circles, perplexing many believers about how these issues relate to faith. Fortunately for us, Chris Sinkinson has investigated these areas and gathered historical Christian perspective. The result is this accessible introduction to apologetics, which enlightens minds and inspires confidence.

Christian Confidence is a one-stop shop for anyone desiring to engage thoughtfully and persuasively in the difficult conversations surrounding faith in the twenty-first century. This book will deepen your understanding of Christianity and empower you to present the case for faith convincingly, credibly and cleverly.

"Christian Confidence is a masterful introduction to the whole scope of apologetics. Here you will find a survey of the significance and role of apologetics from its earliest masters to its finest present exemplars. It's a great first book for new Christians embedded in an often-hostile culture and a reminder to mature Christians of the richness of their intellectual and faith-bound history. We join a multitude of witnesses to Christ and his kingdom. This book will help us to do so with gusto and love, brilliance and humility."

James W. Sire, author of The Universe Next Door and A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

"This volume presents a helpful overview, exhibiting several strengths while introducing the field of Christian apologetics. Initially, it surveys a wide range of essential cognate areas, from critical thinking, to methodology, to a brief survey of apologetics through the centuries. Another asset is its treatment of several specific issues of current interest, such as Darwinism, Old Testament archaeology, scientific cosmology, pluralism, and the perennial problems of evil and suffering. The overall effort should provide believers with greater knowledge, clarity and assurance regarding their Christian faith."

Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor Chair, Department of Philosophy Theology, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

"Chris Sinkinson has achieved something rather remarkable here. In just a few hundred pages he looks at the craft of apologetics from almost every angle. He examines the history of apologetics, methodology, key figures in the discipline and the most important arguments. And he does all this with wit and terrific style. One of the best introductions to apologetics I have seen."

Craig J. Hazen, founder and director of the graduate program in Christian apologetics, Biola University, and author of Five Sacred Crossings

"If you feel that you should apologize for apologetics or think that it's just for the experts, then this book is for you. Chris Sinkinson's brilliant introduction to Christian apologetics will help every Christian give a reason for the hope that they have. An essential textbook for any Christian who not only wants to understand apologetics but more importantly wants to help their friends overcome barriers to belief. Chris has a brilliant ability of making the complicated simple. His lectures in apologetics at Moorlands College have been the highlight for many of the students. Now you can get the benefit without leaving your armchair."

Michael Ots, evangelist among university students in the UK and Europe

"This is an astonishing book for every thinking Christian. Its scope is enormous, but its arguments are well-researched and cogently presented. I wish I had read it years ago!"

John Risbridger, minister and team leader of Above Bar Church, Southampton

"Chris Sinkinson's new book Christian Confidence is a surprise gift for curious minds. It is unputdownable, packed with relevant information, little-known facts and one of the most clear and wide-ranging presentations I've ever read on the vital subject of apologetics. I predict a wide readership and significant impact on those willing to test great ideas. "In a world suffering from an epidemic of truth decay, one great need is for Christians to be able to defend their faith convincingly among rival perspectives that compete with or attack Christianity. This scintillating, crystal-clear introduction to all the big issues is wide-ranging, intelligent and totally accessible. Readers will rediscover solid foundations for a faith that is real, and a biblical worldview that can hold its own in any debate with those open to truth. Even the hardened skeptic will be made to think and perhaps, think again."

Greg Haslam, pastor, Westminster Chapel, London

"Christian Confidence is an accurate title for this impressively wide-ranging and useful survey of apologetics down the centuries, and its value for evangelism in today's world. Get it. Read it. Use it!"

Rev. Dr. Michael Green, Oxford University

"Now you can experience what Moorlands College students enjoy firsthand: a reasoned, clear, accessible introduction to defending the faith from one of the most able younger apologists I know. Fasten your seat belt for a whistle-stop tour from ancient Greek philosophers via Enlightenment thinkers through to worldviews of twenty-first-century thinkers as diverse as Alvin Plantinga and Richard Dawkins. Read and you will discover that you have many reasons to rejoice in having 'Christian Confidence'!"

Dr. Steve Brady, principal, Moorlands College, Christchurch


1. Apology for apologetics
2. Apologetics and philosophy
3. Christian persuaders
4. For the sake of argument
5. Apologetics through the ages
6. Brave new world
7. Digging up the Bible
8. Science friction
9. Dealing with diversity
10. Everybody hurts
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Chris Sinkinson worked as an archaeologist before studying philosophy and theology. He is now a lecturer in apologetics at Moorlands College on the south coast of England and pastors a church in the New Forest. He is married with two sons.