Christian Mission in the Modern World, By John Stott alt

Christian Mission in the Modern World

by John Stott

Christian Mission in the Modern World
  • Length: 128 pages
  • Published: August 20, 2009
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 7473
  • ISBN: 9780830874736

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In recent years, the mission of the church has been defined in two almost exclusive ways. On the one hand are those who say the church must focus on evangelism and discipleship alone. On the other hand are those who advocate concentrating almost solely on societal reform.

In this classic book, John Stott shows that Christian mission must encompass both evangelism and social action. He begins with careful definitions of five key terms--mission, evangelism, dialogue, salvation and conversion. Then, through a thorough biblical exploration of these concepts, Stott provides a model for ministry to people's spiritual and physical needs alike.

Ultimately, Stott points to the example of Jesus, who modeled both the Great Commission of proclamation and the Great Commandment of love and service. This balanced, holistic approach to mission points the way forward for the work of the church in the world.

"Read this book, first because it has been written by one of the Christian giants of recent times. Second, read it because it gives key principles on which to base our understanding of Christian mission so that we can achieve the biblical balance that we need so badly to achieve."

From the foreword by Ajith Fernando, National Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

"Stott contends that the essence of the gospel mission is the salvation of sinners, conversion, and the establishing of Christians in churches with those churches being salt and light in the cultures where they are located.", January 28, 2009

"No evangelical writer makes a more scrupulous attempt at clarity and fairness than John Stott. Notably fresh and illuminating."

World Vision


Foreword by Ajith Fernando
Foreward to the First Edition by J. P. Hickinbotham


Introduction: words and their meanings

1. Mission
Two Extreme Views
A Biblical Synthesis?
The Great Commision
The Relation between Evangelism and Social Action
The Great Commandment
Practical Implications

2. Evangelism
The Priority of Evangelism
The Meaning of Evangelism
Is there a New Testament Gospel?
The Gospel Events
The Gospel Witnesses
The Gospel Affirmations
The Gospel Promises
The Gospel Demands
The Context of Evangelism

3. Dialogue
Exteme Views
Dialogue in the Bible
The Argument against Dialogue
The Place of Elenctics
The Argument for Dialogue
Dialogue with Hindus
Dialogue with Muslims
Dialogue with Industrial Britain

4. Salvation
The Centrality of Salvation
Salvation and Physical Health
Salvation and Political Liberation
The Theology of Liberation
The Hermeneutical Question
Salvation and Personal Freedom
Freedom from Judgement for Sonship
Freedom from Self for Service
Freedom from Decay for Glory

5. Conversion
The Contemporary Distaste for 'Conversion'
Conversion and Regeneration
Conversion and Repentance
Conversion and Church
Conversion and Society
Conversion and Culture
Conversion and the Holy Spirit


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