TOO LONG:Christianity versus Fatalistic Religions in the Wa

Christianity versus Fatalistic Religions in the War Against Poverty

by Udo Middelmann

Christianity versus Fatalistic Religions in the War Against Poverty
  • Length: 219 pages
  • Published: August 28, 2008
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Most literature and many aid efforts concerned with poverty relief and development function on mathematical assumptions. Those who have more should share with those who have less, thus creating equality. Some would add a moral component saying that those having more are morally wrong and must have gained their surplus from outright theft or unfair trade.

But on the side of the needy, religious and secular efforts see only a material problem. Both neglect the devastating power of bad ideas based in religion and social customs. Yet what anyone believes about the building blocks of life will have results; their ideas are like eye glasses that either distort or bring into focus an objective reality.

Development work must focus on developing people's ideas. Cultural change must precede material changes.

"If you have a heart for the poor . . . This book is a must read."

Darrow Miller, Food for the Hungry


Chapter 1. Water and Worldviews
Chapter 2. Bread, Fish, and a Better Focus
Chapter 3. A Community of Character
Chapter 4. Servants? Hearts and Skills
Chapter 5. Worldviews in Collision
Chapter 6. Ethics in the Circle of Life
Chapter 7. Gutsy Christians
Chapter 8. The Samaritan Appeal

Udo Middelmann

Udo Middlemann, who holds degrees in law and theology, is the president of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation. He has lectured widely on ethics and society in many countries on all continents and regularly publishes Footnotes. He has written Pro-Existence and The Market-Driven Church and authored numerous articles and chapters.