Equal to the Task: Men and Women in Partnership, By Ruth Haley Barton

Equal to the Task

Men and Women in Partnership

by Ruth Haley Barton

Equal to the Task
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Published: May 26, 1998
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 1357
  • ISBN: 9780830813575

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Would you like to

  • discover how to break through gender barriers at the office?
  • learn how to work through conflicts on ministry teams?
  • have a healthy friendship with a man or woman who is not your spouse?
  • better understand the relationship between sexuality and spirituality?
  • move beyond stereotyping to godly partnerships?

God has created male and female to live in community as one. Yet in the church we have created systems that segregate and limit us rather than unify and free us. But we can be together the way God intended--not only as husbands and wives in the safety of marriage but also as brothers and sisters in the safety of community.

The disciplines of biblical community, partnership in marriage, good communication and more can help us serve God together. Only a radical return to Christian community can take men and women beyond ineffective relational patterns to genuine models of mutuality and interdependence. Ruth Barton's biblical insights, personal experience, extensive research and real-life interviews will help you take significant steps toward true teamwork in all of your cross-gender relationships.


Foreword by Dr. Bill Donahue
1. Created for Life Together
2. The Disciplines of Biblical Community
3. The Discipline of Honoring Sexuality
4. Tearing Down Walls, Building Bridges
5. Beyond Stereotypes to Partnership
6. Improving Male-Female Communication
7. Teaming Up to Get Things Done
8. Together at Work
9. Mutually Empowering Marriage
10. Partners in Parenting
11. Love, Sex and Friendship


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Ruth Haley Barton

Ruth Haley Barton is founding president of the Transforming Center, a spiritual formation ministry to pastors and Christian leaders. A trained spiritual director, teacher, and retreat leader, she is the author of multiple books, including Invitation to Solitude and Silence, Sacred Rhythms, and Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership.