Faithful Antiracism
Faithful Antiracism
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  • Published: February 01, 2022
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It's time to move past talk. It's no longer news to most of us that our society has a deep-seated racism problem. Christians of all ethnic and economic backgrounds are tired of seeing the ugly legacy of racism play out before their eyes and feeling ill-equipped to respond. They watch as friends and family members leave the visible church over this issue, or fall prey to a gospel of white nationalism that is an affront to the cross of Christ.

Racism presents itself as an undefeatable foe—a sustained scourge on the reputation of the church. In Faithful Antiracism, Chad Brennan and Christina Edmondson take confidence from the truth that Christ has overcome the world, including racism, and offer clear analysis and interventions to challenge and resist its pernicious power. Drawing on brand-new research from the landmark Race, Religion, and Justice Project led by Michael Emerson and others, this book represents the most comprehensive study on Christians and race since Emerson's own book Divided by Faith (2001). It invites readers to put this data to immediate practical use, applying it to their own specific context.

Compelled by our grievous social moment and by the timeless truth of Scripture, Faithful Antiracism will equip readers to move past talk and enter the fight against racism in both practical and hopeful ways.

"In Faithful Antiracism, Christina Edmondson and Chad Brennan provide a substantial template for confronting racism that includes a necessary combination of theology (the biblical analysis is fantastic), sociology (the data from their interviews is very insightful), and history (you will learn so much valuable information about both Christian and American history). This book is necessary equipment for the antiracist journey ahead!"

Daniel Hill, pastor and author White Awake and White Lies

"Faithful Antiracism is bound to become a standard in churches and religious organizations that aspire to pursue racial justice. Chad Brennan and Dr. Christina Edmondson combine the precision of scholars with the compassion of pastors who patiently love and care for others. This book is packed with application and is ready-made for group or individual study. Whether you've been committed to antiracism for years or you are just beginning the journey, Faithful Antiracism will equip and inspire you for the struggle."

Jemar Tisby, author of The Color of Compromise and founder of The Witness, Inc.

"Faithful Antiracism is the book so many Christians have been waiting to read. Clear, accurate, and informative, it is both an eye opener for the skeptics still unsure about racism and a practical guide for the many already committed to this work. Biblical, historical, and accessible, Chad Brennan and Christina Edmondson's book provides a broad overview of how racism works and what people of faith can do to confront it. Readers will find a rich resource for helping us to see not only that racism exists but also showing how people of faith have sought to address it, and then advising us on what we can all do today. Read, then share!"

Gerardo Martí, professor of sociology at Davidson College and author of Worship Across the Racial Divide: Religious Music and the Multiracial Congregation

"Deeply informed and immensely clarifying, Faithful Antiracism equips readers to move beyond easy platitudes and good intentions. Its sophisticated engagement with biblical teaching, history, and the social sciences sets this book apart, yet it is so beautifully crafted and compellingly written that it still manages to be a page-turner. This book is a gift to the American church."

Kristin Kobes Du Mez, author of Jesus and John Wayne


1. Faithful Antiracists Have Racial Wisdom
2. Faithful Antiracists Apply the Bible
3. Faithful Antiracists Stand for Justice
4. Faithful Antiracists Understand Our Past
5. Faithful Antiracists Understand Our Present
6. Faithful Antiracists Understand Racial Trauma
7. Faithful Antiracists Do Not Rely on Magic
8. Faithful Antiracists Follow the Example of the Early Christians
9. Faithful Antiracists Seek out Help and Help Others
10. Faithful Antiracists Effectively Measure Progress
11. Faithful Antiracists Help to Change Our Society
Appendix A: Key Terms
Appendix B: Interview Themes

IVP Author Chad Brennan

Chad Brennan is coordinator of the Race, Religion, and Justice Project, and founder of Renew Partnerships, a Christian research and consulting ministry that focuses on diversity and race in faith-based organizations.

IVP Author Christina Edmondson

Christina Edmondson is a higher education instructor and organizational consultant in the areas of ethics, equity, and Christian leadership development. She is also cohost of the Truth's Table podcast.