Forty Days on Being a Two, By Hunter Mobley
Forty Days on Being a Two
  • Length: 128 pages
  • Dimensions: 5 × 7 in
  • Number of Studies: 40
  • Published: October 06, 2020
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 4744
  • ISBN: 9780830847440

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What is it like to be an Enneagram Two?

Pastor, lawyer, and Enneagram speaker Hunter Mobley reflects on this question with a mix of self-compassion and hunger for personal growth. Using the metaphor of a welcoming Southern porch, he describes Twos this way: "We have well-curated our reputations as people who can be counted on. We're the people of 'yes!' But beyond our front porches and living rooms is a diversity of unexpressed and unmet feelings and needs. Tiredness, loneliness, grief, disappointment, and longing live beside joy, gratitude, and hope in the kitchens, dens, and bedrooms of our houses."

These forty daily readings are an opportunity to explore both the shadow and the light that radiates from the front porches of our personality and deeper into the soul that lays within. Each reading concludes with an opportunity for further engagement such as a journaling prompt, reflection questions, a written prayer, or a spiritual practice.

Any of us can find aspects of ourselves in any of the numbers. The Enneagram is a profound tool for empathy, so whether or not you are a two, you will grow from your reading about twos and enhance your relationships across the Enneagram spectrum.

"In Forty Days on Being a Two, Hunter Mobley's wisdom, kindness, and hospitality flow from the pages. His insightful reflections are an invitation for Twos and all Enneagram types to nourish their souls. Savor the lessons, the stories, and the questions Hunter provides. They are a gift."

Drew Moser, author of The Enneagram of Discernment and cohost of Fathoms: An Enneagram Podcast

"Hunter Mobley is a relatable guide who creates a meaningful and nurturing experience with both integrity and his heart fully forward. Hunter not only stands in the trenches with us, he also lovingly rests on the shoulders of well-documented leaders and trailblazing teachers. In Forty Days on Being a Two, he has created a relatable plan that brilliantly gives words to feelings. I yelled, 'That's me too!' a dozen or more times. If you need that spark or nudge to launch out and fly in your most majestic jet stream, this is the perfect guide for a deeper dive into being an Enneagram Two. You will find new ways to grow alongside tangible strategy and spiritual guidance to rethink areas of your life where you once could not see past your own limitations. I walked away from this delightful journey rediscovering humility, grace, and love."

Rondal Richardson, community activist and entertainment philanthropist

"In this disarmingly honest and pastorally sensitive book, Hunter Mobley wisely guides 'helpers' like himself (Twos on the Enneagram) toward recognition of the downsides of their 'helpfulness.' He shows how, through fresh self-awareness and God's transformative love, they can find new, lifegiving, and appropriate ways to engage with their own needs and those of others."

Robert C. Spach, chaplain of Davidson College

"Hunter Mobley is a rising star in the Enneagram world. He combines his deep insight and experience as an Enneagram Two with a passion for helping others see how this ancient personality-typing system can lead to self-discovery and inner transformation. This is a must-read for anybody serious about spiritual growth, faith development, and relationship building."

Clay Stauffer, senior minister at Woodmont Christian Church, Nashville, Tennessee

"Gather 'round, my fellow Twos—this one's for you! In this devotional, Hunter Mobley paints a picture of the Enneagram working itself out through the life of a Two—the good (our front porch), the quirky (shower fights), and the ugly (an underdeveloped core self). This is an excellent forty-day journey that invites us all to turn inward and compassionately engage all parts of ourselves. As powerful as it is tender, this book is an incredible and dynamic guide for discovering our most authentic, healthy, and unhindered self."

Darin McKenna, pastor and Enneagram coach

"Journeying through these Forty Days on Being a Two with Hunter Mobley was like taking a pilgrimage with a trusted companion who knows me and sees into the deepest places of my soul where light and dark both reside. He travels with readers on this journey in an honest and genuine manner, not shying away from his own transparency and holding our hands as together we embrace vulnerability. I will use the reflection questions and prayers again. I am grateful to Hunter for sharing his gift of teaching in his relatable style that not only highlights his depth of knowledge of the Enneagram but also his heartfelt passion to set a place at the table for everyone."

Mary Jane Cole, spiritual director, Sacred Path

"To be understood is perhaps one of the most satisfying experiences of life! And that was my sensation as I read Forty Days on Being a Two by Hunter Mobley. Each day's reflection shed light into me from a new angle. Some rays exposed the shadow side of my Two-ness, while others illuminated my genius. The invitation of this series and this book is a to cast a steady gaze into what makes and motivates us, to reflect and pray into what we discover, so that little by little we grow into our most authentic selves and increase our capacity for love. A worthy endeavor!"

Beth A. Booram, codirector of Fall Creek Abbey and author of When Faith Becomes Sight with her husband, David

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Suzanne Stabile

Suzanne Stabile is a highly sought-after speaker, teacher, and internationally recognized Enneagram master teacher who has taught thousands of people over the last thirty years. She is the author of The Path Between Us, The Journey Toward Wholeness, and coauthor, with Ian Morgan Cron, of The Road Back to You. She is also the creator and host of The Enneagram Journey podcast. Along with her husband, Rev. Joseph Stabile, she is cofounder of Life in the Trinity Ministry. Their ministry home, the Micah Center, is located in Dallas, Texas.