God, Right Here: Meeting God in the Changing Seasons, By Kara Lawler alt

God, Right Here

Meeting God in the Changing Seasons

by Kara Lawler
Illustrated by Jennie Poh

God, Right Here
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Published: June 20, 2023
  • Imprint: IVP Kids
  • Item Code: A0660
  • ISBN: 9781514006603

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Illumination Award Gold Medal, Gold Mom's Choice Award

God, right here.
God, right there.
God's handiwork is everywhere.

Yellow daffodils, flying seagulls, bright orange pumpkins, and swirling snowflakes—God's handiwork can be found all throughout nature, and every season is full of beauty and wonder. Everywhere we look, no matter the time of year, the wonders of creation remind us that God is always with us, always right here.

Written by Kara Lawler and beautifully illustrated by Jennie Poh, this celebration of God's creation and the changing seasons can be enjoyed by children and the adults who read with them. Also included is a note from the author to encourage further conversation about the content.

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"Kara Lawler's debut picture book, God, Right Here, is pure magnificence. The words and illustrations form a rich tapestry showcasing how our God is with us in each and every season. Children will delight in searching for all the ways they see God in the pages of this exquisitely illustrated picture book. Children and adults alike will be inspired to appreciate all the vibrant nature on display in each of our lives. This breathtaking book is a form of worship; we do thank God for creating such a beautiful world for us to reside in and for being with us in the here, now, and future! Bravo, Lawler and Poh; I'll be purchasing multiple copies to give as gifts."

Sarah Philpott, author of The Growing Season and Loved Baby

"What an exquisite illustration of God in nature, in the changing seasons, in our holy everywhere. Just yesterday, I laughed with my daughter as we squinched up our eyes and turned our faces to the sky, catching giant, fluffy snowflakes on our tongues. God's love for us is truly right here and everywhere! What a gift this book will be to all of us again and again—a triumph of words from Kara Lawler."

Mikala Albertson, family practice doctor and author of Ordinary on Purpose

"A beautiful reminder for kids—and adults!—that God can be found all around us, every day, in nature and in the simple joys of life. Taking kids through all the four seasons and the unique beauty they each bring, Kara Lawler reminds us that God is always close by, and beautiful changes are just on the horizon. God, Right Here is a sweet reminder to kids and their parents to slow down, notice God's goodness, and take time to celebrate his beautiful creation each and every day."

Katie Schnack, author of Everything Is (Not) Fine: Finding Strength When Life Gets Annoyingly Difficult

"In God, Right Here, whimsical illustrations combine with captivating narrative to form a celebration of seasons and the God who is present in each one. Children will adore encountering the treasures found in nature, all while discovering that God is right here, in everything. While we delight in God's creation, God delights in us—always—which is the message this beautiful book will plant in the hearts of our children."

Jenny Albers, author of Courageously Expecting and founder of the Still Loved community

"God, Right Here affirms God's presence and love and will capture children's imagination and wonder, reigniting your own. Using her trademark gift of soothing prose and exquisite detail, Kara Lawler has created a children's book that will help kids encounter God in very real ways. Masterfully written and beautifully illustrated, the powerful message of experiencing God's wonder and goodness through nature makes this a must-read and a treasured keepsake."

Rachel Macy Stafford, author of Hands Free Mama and certified special education teacher

"Parents and grandparents who want to celebrate God's gifts of beauty in creation will delight in reading God, Right Here by Kara Lawler aloud and examining Jennie Poh's exquisite drawings with their favorite little people. The book points to seasonal changes as evidence of God's sovereignty and a portal to witness his glory."

Living Our Days, August 2023

"Lawler encourages children to see that, as the seasons change, God is always holding their hands, and they are never alone. In fact, every aspect of creation—people, rain, sunshine, flowers, beaches, seashells, birds, dolphins, trees, leaves, snow, and more—are part of God's grand design. Children will learn that no matter how many changes they encounter in the natural world, 'God is still at work. / God, ever near.' "

The Banner, January 2024

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Kara Lawler

Kara Lawler is the author of Everywhere Holy: Seeing Beauty, Remembering Your Identity, and Finding God Right Where You Are and A Letter for Every Mother, but she has wanted to publish a children’s book since she was a little girl! As a contributor to several magazines and websites, some of her essays have been read and shared millions of times. Kara loves the outdoors, and she especially enjoys the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband, her two children, and their many dogs.