God-Soaked Life: Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality, By Chris Webb alt

God-Soaked Life

Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality

by Chris Webb

God-Soaked Life
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Published: September 19, 2017
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 9248
  • ISBN: 9780830892488

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God's presence permeates our lives and activities. His song of delight reverberates throughout all he has created. As we open our ears to that song, we hear the truth of the gospel spoken to our hearts: the kingdom of God has come to us.
Chris Webb, an Anglican priest and retreat house director, wants us all to enter into that kingdom and to experience its freedom. Written with verve, depth, and uncontainable joy, God-Soaked Life invites us to live in the reality of God's presence in our everyday lives. It's an invitation into the community of God's people, into fearless honesty about our own weaknesses and failures, into the daily experience of God through silence, Scripture, and prayer, and into a new life of love and service in the broken world around us.
God's kingdom is not far away, a remote and future promise. It is here, now.

"Chris Webb models God's beautiful call to grow as a disciple with our head and our heart, our whole bodies and our whole lives, without division or separation. His writing draws us deeper into rich wells of Christian spirituality with an undefended joy, a radical edge, and an encouraging word. Chris reminds us of the life-changing call to know we are beloved as children in Christ, held alongside the transforming call to grow into all that means in all parts of life every day. This is no microwavable, just add boiling water, spirituality-lite; this goes deeper into the things of eternal life."

Barry Hill, rector of Market Harborough, diocese of Leicester, UK

"With the eye of a poet and the heart of a pastor, Chris Webb cuts through the din and despair of modern society with a call to true discipleship: live in the embrace of a loving God and rejoice, one and all, with your whole being. I can think of no finer encouragement for women and men, and no better word of hope for the communities we share."

Samuel Rahberg, author of Enduring Ministry

"Chris Webb is the master of holy mischief and sacred disruption. He subverts our fallacious norms by rooting us deeper in the truths of Scripture and the ways of Jesus. Your heart pounds as you read this book. It pounds because of the beautiful pictures it paints. It pounds because your hunger for an eternity of great significance is exposed. Your heart pounds because as you read Chris grabs hold of your sleeve and enthusiastically pulls you breathlessly toward your soul's sure home. We can live our eternity now, and Chris Webb's God-Soaked Life makes clear the Christ path that get us there!"

Eric Leroy Wilson, author of Faith: The First Seven Lessons

"With picture-filled prose and deep insights, Chris Webb has done it again. First he illuminated the pages of Scripture with The Fire of the Word, and now he has set aglow everyday life with the light of kingdom living. This is a beautifully written and immensely important book about living life with God."

Gary W. Moon, executive director, Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center, Westmont College

"What a special book of great depth. Drawing deep from biblical and ancient writings, Chris Webb paints an accessible and compelling vision of life today in God's kingdom."

Nathan Foster, director of community life for Renovaré, author of Wisdom Chaser and The Making of an Ordinary Saint



1. The Invitation

God-Soaked Creation

Broken People

God's Delight

Over to You

2. Living Well

A New Heart

Love in Everything

Soul Healing

Over to You

3. Honesty in Relationship

The Truth Deep Within



Over to You

4. Close to the Father's Heart

Longing of the Heart

Intimacy and Separation

The Journey into God

Over to You

5. God in Everyday Life

God in All Things

Learning to See

Learning Attentiveness

Over to You

6. Creating Community

Love Without Borders

The Great Commission

Learning Love in Gentleness

Over to You: Scripture and Reflection

7. The Politics of Love

Against the Darkness

Glorious Possibilities

The Kingdom Today

Over to You




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Chris Webb

Chris Webb is a Benedictine Anglican priest, author, and speaker. He helps run Launde Abbey retreat house and serves as spirituality adviser to the Diocese of Leicester. Previously Chris served as president of Renovaré USA. He has ministered in a wide variety of churches in Wales and the UK, and in a church for the homeless. He is author of The Fire of the Word. Chris lives in Leicestershire, England, with his wife and four children.