Hope for Caregivers: A 42-Day Devotional in Company with Henri J. M. Nouwen, By Henri Nouwen alt

Hope for Caregivers

A 42-Day Devotional in Company with Henri J. M. Nouwen

by Henri Nouwen
Edited by Susan Martins Miller

Hope for Caregivers
  • Length: 80 pages
  • Published: August 16, 2022
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: A0555
  • ISBN: 9781514005552

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Henri Nouwen's timeless wisdom reminds us once again of the transformation that love brings, both when we allow ourselves to give love with abandon and when we allow ourselves to receive love. Caregiving too often is reduced to a list of tasks—doing the things that another individual cannot do independently. In six weeks of daily devotions inspired by the words of Henri Nouwen and intertwined with Scripture and prayer, Hope for Caregivers summons us away from our lists for a few moments each day and draws us to a fresh framework for the experience of giving care.

"Henri Nouwen's words of consolation and wisdom are found in this precious book for caregivers—which includes each of us in relationship with others who suffer from debilitating illnesses. We often experience caregiving as tiring and burdensome, but Henri offers another vision that is lived more from the heart. Here he offers caregivers inspirational words about care—one for each day—for forty-two days. Resolving to remember only one point about 'heart-caring' throughout our workday will not only enhance the lives of those we care for but will also inspire our desire for healing in those who suffer."

Sue Mosteller CSJ, executor of Henri Nouwen's literary estate

"This gentle book has a place close by my spot for renewal and rest. Each daily reflection never fails to take me to a quiet place of meditation, insight, and strength for the day. Each reading contains guidance from Holy Scripture, an insight from Henri, and a few thoughts to help you renew your perspective for love and care."

Lorna Dueck, consultant and caregiver for the Parkinson's disease journey

"Caregiving can be a difficult role, whether you are a family caregiver or care for others in the workplace. Hope for Caregivers is a wonderful compilation of sacred Scripture and the wisdom of beloved spiritual writer Henri Nouwen. This beautiful book is sure to support and inspire caregivers in any setting. Published as a six-week devotional and filled with questions to ponder, it can easily be used for personal reflection or in a group setting."

Michelle O'Rourke, author of Healthy Caregiving: Perspectives for Caring Professionals in Company with Henri J. M. Nouwen

"Caregiving is the holy act of the literal laying of hands on another to help and to heal. It requires strength, courage, and commitment to serve another intimately with dignity, respect, and love. The giving of such care, however, gives the one who cares a glimpse into God's priceless kenotic gift to humanity. This beautiful and important devotional based on Nouwen's magnanimous wisdom offers encouragement to those entrusted with caregiving by reminding them that what they are doing plants roots in the eternal—even in the hidden or lonely recesses of servitude, caregivers are seen, they matter, and they are upheld by the right hand of God!"

Carolyn Weber, caregiver, professor of literature, and author of Surprised by Oxford

"Caregivers are steady sources of grace, mercy, and truth—but who cares for the caregivers? Who affirms the work that they do and cheers them on? The devotionals in this book taken from the writings of Henri Nouwen offer guidance and inspiration, each day's reading bringing life-giving insight for the caregiver."

Mel Lawrenz, author of A Chronicle of Grief: Finding Life After Traumatic Loss

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Week 1: The Eyes of Pain
Week 2: Our Greatest Gift
Week 3: An Invitation to Joy
Week 4: A Prayer for Caring
Week 5: The Voice of Love
Week 6: Rise to New Life

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Henri Nouwen's life and writings on the spiritual life continue to touch millions of people in dozens of languages. After being ordained in 1957, he undertook further studies in psychology in the United States. Since his death in 1996, ever-increasing numbers of readers, writers, teachers, and seekers have been guided by his literary legacy.

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