John 13-21, Edited by Christopher Boyd Brown
John 13-21
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  • Published: June 15, 2021
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After he had washed the disciples' feet, Jesus said, "Just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another."

The second half of the Gospel of John, sometimes called the most "theological" of the Gospels, includes John's account of Jesus' final night with his disciples, his betrayal and arrest, his crucifixion, his resurrection, and his appearances to his disciples.

When the Reformers of the sixteenth century turned to the fourth Gospel, they found a multitude of theological treasures: a clear affirmation of the full divinity of Christ; insights into the relationships among the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and guidance for the church in their time. For example, John Calvin claimed, "This Gospel is a key to open the door for understanding the rest; for whoever shall understand the power of Christ, as it is here strikingly portrayed, will afterwards read with advantage what the others relate about the Redeemer who was manifested."

In this volume of the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, church historian Christopher Boyd Brown guides readers through a diversity of early modern commentary on chapters 13–21 of the Gospel of John. Readers will hear from familiar voices and discover lesser-known figures from a range of theological traditions, including Lutherans, Reformed, Radicals, Anglicans, and Roman Catholics. Drawing upon a variety of resources—including commentaries, sermons, treatises, and confessions—much of which appears here for the first time in English, this volume provides resources for contemporary preachers, enables scholars to better understand the depth and breadth of Reformation commentary, and seeks to encourage all those who desire to love as Jesus loves.


A Guide to Using This Commentary
General Introduction
Introduction to John 13–21
Commentary on John 13–21
Map of Europe at the Time of the Reformation
Timeline of the Reformation
Biographical Sketches of Reformation-Era Figures and Works
Sources for Biographical Sketches
Author and Writings Index
Subject Index
Scripture Index


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