John Stott Bible Studies

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Hailed as the elder statesman of evangelical Christianity, John Stott was one of the most beloved and respected Bible teachers of his day. Throughout his five-decade ministry he was a tireless and faithful expositor, writer and speaker. His commentaries have informed and inspired pastors and preachers around the globe. As a result, millions have benefited from his careful study and insightful interpretation.

Using this Bible study series, you can explore Scripture side by side with John Stott—enhancing your own in-depth study with his insights gained from years of immersion in God's Word. Each of ten study guides includes Stott's informative and eloquent exposition of key biblical passages with inductive study questions for individual reflection or group discussion.

The John Stott Bible Study series will serve you as an excellent introduction both to the work of John Stott and, more importantly, the riches of Scripture.

"John Stott was, in my opinion, the greatest Bible expositor of the past few decades because he knew how to let his deep study of the Word highlight relevant points for the daily life and thought of ordinary people. I am so glad that the fruit of his ministry is available in this user-friendly format."

Ajith Fernando, teaching director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka 
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