Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament
Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament
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  • Published: October 05, 2006
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We tend to think of the Holy Spirit as the straggler of the Trinity, a latecomer in God's interaction with the world. But our first introduction to the Holy Spirit is not the drama of Pentecost in the second chapter of Acts. We first meet the Holy Spirit in the second verse of the Bible, hovering there, speaking the world into existence.

Christopher Wright begins here and traces the Holy Spirit through the pages of the Old Testament. We see the Third Person of the Trinity in the decrees of prophets and psalmists, in the actions of judges and craftspeople, in the anointing of kings and the promise of a new creation.

Knowable and discernable in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is thus eminently knowable to us. The witness of the whole of Scripture, from its first pages to its last, directs us to a Holy Spirit empowering the people of God, and sustaining and renewing the face of the earth.

"Wright helps us reflect more deeply upon the work of the Holy Spirit from a biblical perspective and, thereby, encourages us to be more fully "people of the Spirit.'"

Kevin L. Spawn, Pneuma, Issue 30

"This little volume does a great service in making the Third Person of the Trinity more known and glorious to our hearts and minds."

Kent I. Compton, Haddington House Journal, 2008

"Immensely enjoyable to read, and it is accessible to anyone who is literate in the teachings of the Bible. Wright has clearly done his homework. Highly recommended."

Reformation 21 (online), September 2007



1. The Creating Spirit
Hovering and Speaking: The Spirit and the Universe
Sustaining and Renewing: The Spirit and the Earth
Breathing and Leaving: The Spirit and Humanity
Groaning and Birthing: The Spirit and New Creation

2. The Empowering Spirit
Power and Ability
Power with Humility

3. The Prophetic Spirit
False Prophets and Their Own Spirit
God's Prophets and God's Spirit

4. The Anointing Spirit
Anointing and the Historical Kings
Anointing and the Coming Servant-King
Anointing and the Mission of Jesus, the Christ
Anointing and the Mission of the Church

5. The Coming Spirit
Re-creation and Righteousness--Isaiah 32
Renewal and Resurrection--Ezekiel 36, 37
Repentance and Restoration--Joel 2

Christopher J. H. Wright

Christopher J. H. Wright (PhD, Cambridge) is international ministries director of the Langham Partnership. He has written many books including The Mission of God, Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God, and Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament. He was chair of the Lausanne Theology Working Group from 2005-2011 and the chief architect of The Cape Town Commitment from the Third Lausanne Congress, 2010.