Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession, By Michael P. Schutt

Redeeming Law

Christian Calling and the Legal Profession

by Michael P. Schutt

Redeeming Law
  • Length: 290 pages
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  • Published: July 24, 2007
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
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  • ISBN: 9780830825998

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Being a Christian lawyer is possible, but not easy.

Law professor Michael Schutt believes that although there are significant obstacles, Christians belong in the legal profession and should regard it as a sacred calling. The Christian God is, after all, a God concerned with justice, both divine and human. However, the pathway beginning with law school and leading to the daily demands of practice doesn't provide much guidance for pursuing law as a Christian calling. Schutt offers this book as a vital resource for reconceiving the theoretical foundations of law and gives practical guidance for maintaining integrity within a challenging profession. A hopeful and practical book for law students and those serving in the legal profession.

"This book is a valuable resource for lawyers and law students seeking to integrate their faith and professional calling at a deeper level. Michael Schutt has combined his experience as both a legal practitioner and a legal academic to expose the stumbling blocks that lead to secularization and spiritual apathy in the study and practice of law. His call for integrity through wholeness will pierce the heart of every Christian in the legal profession who is concerned about compartmentalizing work and faith."

Stephen N. Bretsen, associate professor and Volkman Chair of Business and Law, Wheaton College

"Many Christian law students and lawyers have never begun to explore what their faith means for their professional lives. One reason has been the lack of quality resources to help illuminate the path. With this book, Michael Schutt has helped fill the void by providing a resource that is theologically deep and practically relevant. Whether you're a beginning law student or a senior partner at a firm, this book is a must-read if you're serious about reflecting on what it means to be a Christian lawyer."

Robert K. Vischer, associate professor, University of St. Thomas School of Law

"Mike Schutt has written a very accessible account of what it should mean for a Christian to study and practice law. Neither law school nor the practice of law directly offers sincere Christians an open door to bring their faith into their profession. But Mike shows why Christian integrity demands more than getting good grades and billing lots of hours. He demonstrates why and how bringing our confession of Christ's lordship into the law is vitally important."

C. Scott Pryor, Regent University School of Law

A valuable book for Christian lawyers, students, ministers and their friends. . .Schutt's work is unique, well worth reading, and particularly useful for those considering law school and for small group study by Christian lawyers.

Donald McConnell, Religious Studies Review, June 2008

This book would be a valuable gift for law students and lawyer friends.

ARC Worldviews, June-July 2008

There is much that I love about this book and which can be highly instructive for all men and women called to the legal profession. Each chapter ends with insightful study questions. The chapter on vocation is outstanding and would be helpful to anyone who seeks to follow Jesus in all realms of life. In addition, Mike offers a very helpful chapter on the unique voices of lawyers, especially as they relate to money, pride, and power. Throghout the book the practice of bibilical and systematic theology is modeled well, as it relates to both the scholarly underpinnings and practice of law. Excellent case studies on the lives of Daniel and Joshua further illustrates what it means to live faithfully amid the challenges of vocation. I strongly commend this book to you. If you are interested in law, working with pre-law or law school students or faculty, or have ministry partners in the legal profession, then this is a great resource.

John Terrill, director of Professional School Ministries, on, January 16, 2008



Part I. The Lost Lawyer
1. The Lost Lawyer
2. The American Law School Experience
3. Vocation and the Local Church
4. Thinking about Lawyering

Part II. Integrity
5. Integrity
6. Unity and the Integrated Lawyer
7. Community and Trinitarian Lawyering
8. Truth and the Integrated Lawyer
9. Integrity in Practice: Spiritual Disciplines

Part III. Integrity in Practice
10. Professional Identity, Integrity and Modernity
11. Lawyers' Vices--Lawyers' Virtues
12. Law and Truth

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Scripture Index


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Michael P. Schutt

Michael P. Schutt (JD, University of Texas School of Law) is associate professor of law at Regent University, where he has taught since 1993. He is the director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies (ICLS), a cooperative ministry of the Christian Legal Society and Regent Law School. ICLS seeks to encourage Christian law students, professors, and lawyers to seek and study biblical truth as it relates to law and legal institutions. Mike also serves InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as the national coordinator of its Law School Ministry. Before joining the Regent law faculty, he practiced law in Fort Worth, Texas. He is an honors graduate of the University of Texas School of Law.