Singles at the Crossroads: A Fresh Perspective on Christian Singleness, By Albert Y. Hsu

Singles at the Crossroads

A Fresh Perspective on Christian Singleness

by Albert Y. Hsu

Singles at the Crossroads
  • Length: 194 pages
  • Published: October 27, 1997
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 1353
  • ISBN: 9780830813537

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  • One of the 1998 Academy of Parish Clergy Top Ten Books of the Year

Nearly half of adults today are unmarried. But most churches emphasize marriage and family, leaving many Christian singles feeling marginalized or alienated. Though they look to Jesus and Paul as role models, many suspect they would be more acceptable to the church--and God--if they settled down and got married.

Albert Hsu challenges this view. Christian singles don't need tips on finding a mate or advice on suffering through the single life. What they need is a truly Christian understanding of singleness--a biblically grounded, theologically informed perspective that honors singleness equally with marriage and family.

Moving beyond pat answers, Hsu

  • debunks the myth of the "gift of singleness"
  • chronicles how the church has overemphasized both singleness and marriage
  • works through discerning God's will as a single Christian
  • explains why searching for the right marriage partner can be misguided--even unbiblical
  • grapples with loneliness, aloneness and community
  • warns of common mistakes regarding dating, love and sex

Hsu draws insight from an interview with John Stott as well as from the stories of other Christian students and professionals. Ultimately, singleness is not a problem to be solved by marriage, he says; rather, like marriage, it is an opportunity in which to follow Jesus. Singles at the Crossroads points the way to a Christian community where all members are valued, Jew and Gentile, slave and free, male and female, married and single.

"Named a Top 10 Book for the year 1997."

The Academy of Parish Ministry


Why This Book?
1. Where Singles Are Today
2. A Brief History of Singleness
3. The Myth of the Gift
4. The Issue of God's Will
5. Freedom and Opportunity
6. From Loneliness to Solitude
7. From Aloneness to Community
8. Rethinking Romance
9. Temptations Singles Face

Epilogue: A Vision for the Future

Appendix: John Stott on Singleness



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Albert Y. Hsu

Albert Y. Hsu is senior editor at InterVarsity Press.