Spiritual Compatibility in Dating, By Alice Fryling

Spiritual Compatibility in Dating

Second Edition

by Alice Fryling

Spiritual Compatibility in Dating
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Published: April 19, 2002
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 0048
  • ISBN: 9780877840480

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Drawing from personal examples and passages from Scripture, Alice Fryling offers a reasoned argument for the importance of spiritual compatibility in dating and marriage. She argues persuasively and compassionately why Christians should not marry nonbelievers. And she offers five "mini" Bible studies on marriage that help you think through essential issues for yourself.

If you are considering dating a non-Christian, if you are already dating a non-Christian or if you are concerned about a family member or friend, this clear and concise booklet offers the seasoned, balanced counsel you need.


When Love Comes
Called to Be Different
Wrong Partnerships
From Date to Mate
Evangelistic Dating
Help! I'm Involved!
The Heart of the Matter
Waiting for the Best
Five Studies on Marriage

Alice Fryling

Alice Fryling is a spiritual director and the author of nine books, including Seeking God Together: An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction. She has been giving Enneagram workshops for fifteen years, teaching participants how to use the Enneagram to know God and themselves more deeply. She and her husband have two married daughters and four grandchildren.