The Fullness of Time Set

An Introduction to the Church Calendar

The church year has been forming the faithful in the Christian story since the church's early days. The Fullness of Time series invites readers to explore the riches of the church year, guided by some of our finest church theologians. Each volume introduces the traditions, prayers, Scriptures, and rituals of a season of the church—not as an academic exercise, but as an reflections on the theological and spiritual treasures of the church calendar.

The seasons of the church invite us to enact, over and over again, the gospel story. The Fullness of Time series promises to open up that story afresh to individuals, families, and churches alike seeking a deeper walk with Jesus.

The Fullness of Time
product set
  • Length: 5 volumes
  • ISBN: 978-1-5140-0499-9
  • Item Code: A0499
Emilio Alvarez
Tish Harrison Warren
Esau McCaulley
Emily Hunter McGowin
Fleming Rutledge