The Glory of Preaching: Participating in God's Transformation of the World, By Darrell W. Johnson alt

The Glory of Preaching

Participating in God's Transformation of the World

by Darrell W. Johnson

The Glory of Preaching
  • Length: 278 pages
  • Published: January 04, 2010
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
  • Item Code: 7867
  • ISBN: 9780830878673

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In these pages you will find a vision of preaching that is both illuminating and inspiring. Drawing from biblical and theological resources as well as years in the pulpit, Darrell Johnson takes us far beyond the mere mechanics of delivering sermons. He dynamically unpacks the link between the human task of speaking to a congregation and the real, gracious action and presence of the living Christ in and through our proclamation.

Johnson assists preachers to profoundly engage the biblical text and then liberates them to make use of their own personality, gifts and abilities as they communicate that message.

This book is for any pastor or student who wants to cultivate a deeper pulpit approach, one that participates in the transforming mystery of God working through our less-than-perfect proclamation. Here is a solid foundation for preaching the good news as if God was living, Jesus was resurrected and the Holy Spirit was faithfully at work among us.

"All of us who preach want our sermons to make a difference. In The Glory of Preaching Darrell Johnson turns those 'wants' into real hope. He believes the preaching of the Word of God changes the world because when we preach we are participating in God's own speaking. Here is a treasure book of insights in theology and communication. But most of all it is about preaching as 'standing in the mystery' of God speaking through us. Reading it makes me glad I have preached, wishing that I had preached better and excited about preaching more! Read it and you will feel the same."

Leighton Ford, author of The Attentive Life

"Breathlessly passionate, carefully studied, humbly dependent, spiritually theological, eagerly convicted, thoughtfully practical, joyfully hopeful: these words describe Darrell Johnson, and they are among the infectious qualities of The Glory of Preaching. By all means, read this book and 'participate in God's transformation of the world.'"

Mark Labberton, Lloyd John Ogilvie Professor of Preaching, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Pastors get asked to do many things, but there is 'one thing needful'--preaching. Lest the 'one thing' get buried in the frenzy of multitasking, we need continual reaffirmation of the 'one thing' that as both glory and mystery anchors our vocation. Welcome Darrell Johnson as a serious and joyous preaching companion. All of us working pastors need a preacher like him in our life."

Eugene H. Peterson, translator of The Message, and Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia

"'Lord, how can man preach thy eternal word?' asked the seventeenth-century poet George Herbert. Darrell Johnson takes up the question of how a human person can speak God's Word to a contemporary congregation, and he does it in a way that takes us beyond the art of preaching--into its heart. Darrell Johnson's thoughtful, articulate, pastoral voice is heard throughout the book, as he generously shares his own sermon-making experience and expertise with those who are learning to preach. But this book goes beyond being a textbook for preachers: it is a meditation on the mystery of God's self-disclosure. Darrell Johnson has written a book that is a refreshing gift to the church, challenging the reader to engage every sermon, whether as preacher or as listener, in a spirit of awe-filled thanksgiving to the One who continues to speak God's eternal Word through mortal speakers."

Maxine Hancock, Ph.D., professor of interdisciplinary studies and spiritual theology, Regent College, and author of Living on Less Liking It More and Re-evaluating Your Commitments

"Preachers who wonder whether their preaching is worth the effort will find this book encouraging. Darrell Johnson believes that 'something always happens' when the Word of God is preached. Not only does he tell us what happens, but he tells us why. It is this biblical and theological grounding of the preacher's task that makes this book unique."

Kenton C. Anderson, professor of homiletics, ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University,

"I highly recommend this book . . . it leads the reader to marvel in the wonder of God's grace to draw sinners into his great work of transforming the world! This is 'The Glory of Preaching'!"

Jacques Roets, Mid-America Journal of Theology, October 2010

"This book will be greatly beneficial for preachers of all theological persuasions and levels of experience. It offers encouragement, inspiration and strategies in almost equal measure and helps to connect homiletical theory with practical realities. A valuable addition to the collection of any preacher."

Jonathan Downie, The Pneuma Review, Summer 2010

"A solid reminder of the absolute necessity of God's truth to worship, relationship, and the life of the Church."

Justin Lonas, Pulpit Helps, October 2009


Prologue: Something Always Happens
Part 1:Theoretical Foundations for Participating
1 Why Does It Happen: A Vision (Ezekiel 37)
2 Does It Really Always Happen?: A Parable (Matthew 13)
3 Where Does It Happen?: A Paradigm for Expository Preaching
4 How Does It Happen?: Verbs of Participation
Part 2: Human Mechanics of Participating
5 Moving from Text to Sermon: Inhabiting the Text
6 Moving into the Sermon: Ordering for Orality
7 Walking the Sermon into Every Life: Implications and Application
8 The Person of the Preacher: Truth Through Personhood
9 The Life of the Preacher: Living In
Part 3: Theoretical Foundations Again
10 Standing In the Mystery: The Space in Which We Preach
Epilogue: A Sermon--The Main Thing: Included! (Matthew 11:25-30)
Author and Subject Index
Scripture Index


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Darrell Johnson has been preaching the gospel since 1970, serving as senior pastor for a number of Presbyterian churches in California, and of Union Church of Manila during the so-called People Power Revolution. In the fall of 2000 he accepted an appointment to the faculty of Regent College, where he taught preaching, worship, pastoral theology and biblical spirituality. Darrell has authored a number of books, including Experiencing the Trinity, Fifty-Seven Words That Change the World, Discipleship on the Edge, It Is Finished, The Glory of Preaching and Who Is Jesus? In September 2009 he accepted the call of historic First Baptist Church in downtown Vancouver to serve as senior minister. Darrell and his wife, Sharon, have raised four children adopted from four different countries of the world.