The Incomparable Christ, By John Stott alt

The Incomparable Christ

by John Stott

The Incomparable Christ
  • Length: 264 pages
  • Published: July 10, 2013
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 9627
  • ISBN: 9780830896271

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Everyone has something to say about Jesus.

Sorting through the numerous books of recent years, you may find yourself lost in a thicket of viewpoints, some troubling to faith, some puzzling to the intellect. But John Stott, one of the outstanding evangelical voices of the last half century, offers in The Incomparable Christ an enriching vision of Jesus that defies measurement.

In this newly Americanized, paperback edition Stott invites you to view Jesus from four perspectives:

The Original Jesus: How the New Testament witnesses to Jesus in the Gospels, Acts and the Letters

The Ecclesiastical Jesus: How the church has presented Jesus historically, from Justin Martyr, Benedict and Anselm, to Thomas à Kempis, Martin Luther and Thomas Jefferson, to Gustavo Guitiérrez, N. T. Wright, and the Edinburgh and Lausanne missionary confessions of the twentieth century

The Influential Jesus: How people from St. Francis to Tolstoy, from Gandhi to Roland Allen, from Father Damien to William Wilberforce have taken inspiration from him

The Eternal Jesus: How he continually challenges today's men and women through ten visions from the book of Revelation.

This is the Jesus who is like no other--worthy of your worship, your confession and your obedience as you follow him into the future.

"John Stott's books are always eagerly awaited. . . . His books always penetrate to the heart of the matter being expounded and are expressed in clear, attractive prose and as simply as the subject allows. [The Incomparable Christ] is a gem."



Foreword - Dr. George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury

Chairman's Preface


1. The Centrality of Jesus
2. History and Theology

Part I: The Original Jesus (or How the New Testament Witnesses to Him)
The Four Gospels
1. The Gospel of Matthew: Christ the Fulfillment of Scripture
2. The Gospel of Mark: Christ the Suffering Servant
3. Luke's Gospel and the Acts: Christ the Savior of the World
4. The Gospel and Letters of John: Christ the Word Made Flesh
5. The Fourfold Gospel
6. Jesus and Paul
The Thirteen Letters of Paul
7. A Polemical Letter (Galatians): Christ the Liberator
8. The Early Letters (1 2 Thessalonians): Christ the Coming Judge
9. The Major Letters (Romans, 1 2 Corinthians): Christ the Savior
10. The Prison Letters (Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon and Philippians): Christ the Supreme Lord
11. The Pastoral Letters (1 Timothy, Titus and 2 Timothy): Christ the Head of the Church
Three More Jewish Authors
12. The Letter of James: Christ the Moral Teacher
13. The Letter to the Hebrews: Christ Our Great High Priest
14. The Letters of Peter: Christ the Exemplary Sufferer
Conclusion: Diversity in Unity

Part II: The Ecclesiastical Jesus (or How the Church Has Presented Him)
Introduction: "Another Jesus"
1. Christ the Complete Fulfilment: Justin Martyr
2. Christ the Unique God-Man: The Early Councils
3. Christ the Perfect Monk: St. Benedict
4. Christ the Feudal Debtor: Anselm
5. Christ the Heavenly Bridegroom: Bernard of Clairvaux
6. Christ the Ethical Exemplar: Thomas à Kempis
7. Christ the Gracious Savior: Martin Luther
8. Christ the Human Teacher: Earnst Renan and Thomas Jefferson
9. Christ the Tragic Victim: John Mackay
10. Christ the Social Liberator: Gustavo Gutierrez
11. Christ the Jewish Messiah: N. T. Wright
12. Christ the Global Lord: Mission in the Twentieth Century
Conclusion: Authenticity Versus Accommodation

Part III: The Influential Jesus (or How He Has Inspired People)
Introduction: The Story of Jesus
1. The Bethlehem Stable: Francis of Assisi
2. The Carpenter's Bench: George Lansbury
3. The Ministry of Compassion: Father Damien
4. The Sermon on the Mount: Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
5. The Love for Children: Thomas Barnardo
6. The Washing of Feet: Samuel Logan Brengle
7. The Cross: Toyohiko Kagawa
8. The Resurrection: Joni Eareckson Tada
9. The Exaltation: Henry Martyn
10. The Gift of the Spirit: Roland Allen
11. The Second Coming: Anthony Ashley Cooper
12. The Last Judgment: William Wilberforce
Conclusion: The Radical Nature of Christ's Influence

Part IV: The Eternal Jesus (or How He Challenges Us Today)
Introduction: "The Revelation of Jesus Christ"
1. Christ Claiming to Be the First and the Last, and the Living One (Rev. 1)
2. Christ Supervising His Churches on Earth (Rev. 2--3)
3. Christ Sharing God's Throne in Heaven (Rev. 4--5)
4. Christ Controlling the Course of History (Rev. 6--7)
5. Christ Calling the World to Repentance (Rev. 8--11)
6. Christ Overcoming the Devil and His Allies (Rev. 12--13)
7. Christ Standing on Mt. Zion with His Redeemed People (Rev. 14:1--15:4)
8. Christ Coming Like a Thief in the Night (Rev. 15:5--19:10)
9. Christ Riding in Triumph on a White Horse (Rev. 19:11--20:15)
10. Christ Coming as the Bridegroom to Claim His Bride (Rev. 21--22)

Epilogue (Rev. 22:6-21)

Conclusion: One Book in Four Parts


Scripture Index


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