Themes and Transformations in Old Testament Prophecy

Themes and Transformations in Old Testament Prophecy

by Samuel A. Meier

Themes and Transformations in Old Testament Prophecy
  • Length: 240 pages
  • Published: April 21, 2009
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1768-9
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We meet the prophets of Israel in our own time and in one place--Scripture. So it might seem odd to consider that they are not all the same, these voices from "back then." In fact, the prophets inhabited a time span of hundreds of years and faced events that on their own terms were more convulsive than our 9/11. They were not uniform in their language, their concerns, their personalities, their remedies or their visions of the future.

In this book, Sam Meier explores some recurring themes and features--such as angels, writing, miracles, the future and kingmaking--all with an eye on their transformation over time. And the defining event in this transformation turns out to be the great convulsive event of the story of Israel, the defeat and exile of the kingdom of Judah.

Themes and Transformations in Old Testament Prophecy is a book that goes beyond the standard introductions to the prophets. Yet it does so in a way that will inform and intrigue beginning students and anyone curious about the prophets of Israel.

"Meier's book betrays careful analysis and bravely tackles a difficult subject while offering much food for thought concerning the essential features of prophecy."

David D. Pettus, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, September 2010

"Meier has provided a valuable contribution to the study of the prophets."

Charles H. Savelle, Criswell Theological Review, Spring 2010

"Excellent, readable study. Recommended."

P.L. Redditt, Choice, November 2009


1. Introduction
2. The Prophet and the Divine Council
3. Is the Future Determined?
4. What Do You See?
5. The Manner of Revelation
6. Angels
7.Thus Said Yahweh
8. Poetry, Prose, and the Prophets
9. Writing the Prophets
10. Dating the Prophets
11. Miracles
12. Prophets as King-Makers
13. The Chariots of Men and of God
14. Continuities in History
15. Reliable Prophets in the Context of Change
16. Summation
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Samuel A. Meier is associate professor in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Ohio State University. He is author of The Messenger in the Ancient Semitic World and Speaking of Speaking: Marking Direct Discourse in the Hebrew Bible.

BY Samuel A. Meier