Women Rising: Learning to Listen, Reclaiming Our Voice, By Meghan Tschanz
Women Rising
  • Length: 208 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Published: May 11, 2021
  • Imprint: IVP
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  • ISBN: 9780830847785

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Fresh out of college, hating her job, and searching for meaning, Meghan Tschanz left everything to join a mission trip around the globe, and quickly witnessed oppression experienced by women that she never thought possible.

Over the next several years, she befriended women around the globe who had survived sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, and violence so extreme Meghan wondered at the woman's survival. Through listening to their stories, Meghan started to notice a pattern that pointed to systems of injustice that held women back—systems that her childhood church had taught and in which she was complicit.

She was changed.

Returning to the United States, Meghan became keenly aware of how the teachings and messaging surrounding women in her own upbringing were part of the problem. In the process, she began to find her voice, one that spoke out against injustice and moved her into tension with her Christian community.

Women Rising is Meghan Tschanz's personal journey of transformation. But it's also a Christian blueprint for anyone wanting to confront injustice against women while pointing to a biblical standard for gender equality. With humility and grit, Meghan calls Christian women to amplify their voices for righteousness—and she calls the church to listen.

"In Women Rising, Meghan Tschanz invites us to listen to the voices of women. Listening can lead to compassion, repentance, advocacy, and justice. Listening opens our hearts and minds to the extreme oppression and injustice many women face, all over the globe. Tschanz's book is a clarion call to respond to gender inequality and join with women in their dignity and empowerment worldwide. Books like this change lives and can transform the world."

Graham Joseph Hill, principal of Stirling Theological College (University of Divinity), author of Holding Up Half the Sky

"In this vulnerable, engaging account of facing confusing and constricting gender roles in the church, Tschanz shows that patriarchy is not part of the world God created but is a result of sin and domination. She calls Christians to imagine a world as God meant it to be: all God's daughters being liberated to lead, serve, and stand up for truth and justice. If you've ever wondered if God has good news for women, this book is for you."

Katelyn Beaty, author of A Woman's Place

"With great heart and fierce determination, Meghan Tschanz confronts the stark realities of gender injustice around the world as she comes to terms with her own experiences of abuse within and beyond the church walls. Women Rising details the necessary and painful journey of sacred questioning and rediscovery that ultimately leads to Tschanz's spiritual liberation. Through her vulnerability and truth telling, Tschanz reveals the ways God works through the unexpected to heal us and transform our lives and our faith."

Katey Zeh, author of Women Rise Up: Sacred Stories of Resistance for Today's Revolution

"From discussing human trafficking and white-saviorism to unpacking gender roles within the evangelical church, Women Rising covers a number of issues that deserve our full attention. Meghan Tschanz shares her powerful life experiences around these topics with a vulnerability that invites and challenges us all to reflect on our own experiences and beliefs about gender. She shows how rigid and restrictive gender roles for both women and men can lead to a diminishing of one's self as well as contribute to the dehumanization of others. Meghan is well aware of the potential controversies when discussing gender, particularly within Christian contexts, yet bravely uses her voice and her stories of the women she has met to constructively engage others in these conversations, leaving it up to us whether we will listen."

Brendan Kwiatkowski, PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh and founder of Remasculate.org

"Women Rising is a powerful book that calls for all women to be treated with dignity and respect. Meghan shares her story with authenticity and draws us all into why we must value women and uplift their voices. She also challenges what has been the standard and what needs to change. She speaks the truth many are longing to hear."

Faitth Brooks, antiracism educator, director of programs and innovation, Be the Bridge

"Meghan Tschanz is a powerful voice for women and a strong advocate for the marginalized and oppressed. Her book, Women Rising, not only empowers women to be and do anything God has created them to, but also describes what it looks like to be a Christ follower and a feminist. Meghan beautifully shares her stories and the testimonies of others that expose everyday sexism and the lies we women are told about our roles as women in such a way that you feel like you are sitting at a table with her, sipping coffee. She shows women how strong and capable we are and how God has no limit to the extent in which he can and will use women for the kingdom—whether we are preaching a sermon in a church or coleading our families with our spouse. Meghan is a rare gem and a woman who carries a strong anointing for leadership and teaching."

Sierra White, founder and director of Ezer Rising

"This book should be required reading for Christians. For every girl and woman who has been made to feel small, demeaned, violated, and confused, and for every man who has bought into the lie of female subordination and missed out on all that half the church has to offer, Meghan's words speak freedom and hope for a better way."

Blythe Hill, CEO and founder of the Dressember Foundation

"In writing this visceral and instinctive critique of gender essentialism, Meghan Tschanz weaves her own abuse beside that suffered by the women she served globally. In searching for root causes, one answer rises supreme—women's inequality reinforced by male-only leadership propaganda that scrutinizes women's lives but leaves men's behavior unchecked. In this way patriarchy flourishes with impunity. Women Rising is a call to action for the world's women."

Mimi Haddad, president, CBE International

"Women Rising traces one woman's transformation from youthful evangelical missionary to Christian feminist. It's a bumpy ride that spans continents. Readers who are reshaping their beliefs about the role and worth of women will find plenty of fuel for their journey. They may even find themselves emerging from these pages, as the author does, with a woman-centric lens."

Ruth Everhart, Presbyterian pastor and author of The #MeToo Reckoning: Facing the Church's Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

"One of the many strengths in this book and what makes it so important and distinct is that Meghan doesn't just present the issues. She drills deeper to explore how the church's gender theology is part of the problem and needs to be reexamined against the wide-angle global perspective. . . . The Bible's message for women is global, and it is good news for every woman and girl. No woman or girl gets left behind."

Carolyn Custis James, from the foreword

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Foreword by Carolyn Custis James
Introduction: A Time to Speak
1. God's Order
2. Bound by Tradition
3. Climbing Blind
4. Raised by a Pimp
5. Enough
6. A Good, Christian Man
7. A Gradual Shifting of Beliefs
8. How to Say "You're Hurting Me"
9. Holding Men Accountable
10. The Root of Sin
11. If They Can Love, I Can Too
12. Death
13. Masculinity
14. Love at Last
15. Choice
16. Revelation
17. Use Your Voice
18. Drowning
19. Marriage
20. Sex
Conclusion: Remembering Who You Serve, Not Your Critics


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Meghan Tschanz

Meghan Tschanz is a writer, speaker, and former missionary who is passionate about empowering women and reclaiming feminism for the Christian faith. She's a prolific blogger, host of the Faith and Feminism podcast, and an avid traveler. She and her husband, Dustin, live in northeast Georgia.