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  • Changing Faith

    Changing Faith

    Questions, Doubts and Choices About an Unchanging God

    by Michael Hidalgo
    Foreword by Hugh Halter

    Many of us are grappling with questions: How much can we know about God? Who decides what is right and what is wrong? Do I need God to live a life that matters? We ask these questions not because we reject faith in God, but because we live in a rapidly changing world of new realities, new technology and new insights. And that changes how we believe.

  • Church for the Fatherless

    Church for the Fatherless

    A Ministry Model for Society's Most Pressing Problem

    by Mark E. Strong

    Mark Strong urges the American church to embrace its pivotal role as a place of refuge and growth for our nation's fatherless. From mentoring programs for dads to special ministry efforts for children, Strong gives practical ways that churches can be conformed to the image of our loving Father.

  • Language for God in Patristic Tradition

    Language for God in Patristic Tradition

    Wrestling with Biblical Anthropomorphism

    by Mark Sheridan

    Mark Sheridan, an expert in early Christianity, explores how ancient Christian theologians interpreted Scripture in order to address the problem of attributing human characteristics and emotions to God.

  • Beautiful Feet

    Beautiful Feet

    Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness

    by Jessica Leep Fick

    Can women be effective witnesses for Jesus? Sometimes women feel like they're not cut out for evangelism, but Jessica Fick shows how women can share their faith in normal, everyday ways. With specific aptitudes like empathy and vulnerability, God has created women with beautiful feet to bring the good news of Jesus to those around them.

  • Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics

    Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics

    A Guide for Evangelicals

    Edited by Jamin Goggin and Kyle C. Strobel

    This new collection of essays edited by Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin offers an evangelical hermeneutic for reading the Christian spiritual classics. Addressing the why, what and how of reading these texts, these essays challenge us to find our own questions deepened by the church's long history of spiritual reflection.

  • Warrior Princess

    Warrior Princess

    Fighting for Life with Courage and Hope

    by Princess Kasune Zulu
    With Belinda A. Collins

    After AIDS/HIV left her orphaned, Princess Kasune Zulu raised her six siblings alone and eventually tested HIV positive herself. Despite these challenges, Zulu decided early on with God's help to be a victor and not a victim. That decision would send her on a journey to advocate for orphans, vulnerable children and those suffering from HIV and AIDS which has lead from the villages of Zambia to the United Nations and beyond. This book is her hopeful and healing story.

  • How to Read Proverbs

    How to Read Proverbs

    How to Read Series

    by Tremper Longman III

    While many proverbs speak to us directly, we can gain much greater insight by studying the book of Proverbs as a whole. In How to Read Proverbs Tremper Longman III provides a welcome guide to reading, studying, understanding, and savoring the Proverbs for all their wisdom. Most important for Christian readers, we gain insight into how Christ is the climax and embodiment of wisdom.

  • Be Not Afraid

    Be Not Afraid

    by David Ivaska

    Again and again Scripture teaches, "Do not be afraid." In this book of daily Bible studies David Ivaska gathers God's words of encouragement. As you explore God's promises from the Old and New Testaments, you'll be reassured of God's goodness. As you dwell on the truth of God's faithfulness, your hope will be restored.

  • Divorce and Remarriage

    Divorce and Remarriage

    Four Christian Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by H. Wayne House
    Contributions by J. Carl Laney, William A. Heth, Thomas R. Edgar, and Larry Richards

    Editor H. Wayne House introduces a lively debate on varying Christian views of divorce and remarriage. Contributors include J. Carl Laney, William Heth, Thomas Edgar and Larry Richards.

  • Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents

    Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents

    Edited by Jeanette Yep, Peter Cha, Susan Cho Van Riesen, Greg Jao, and Paul Tokunaga

    Written by and for Asian Americans, this study guide helps you discover and embrace Asian identity and learn to bridge the conflicting values of parents, culture and faith. Through accounts of humorous, frustrating and heartbreaking personal experiences, the authors offer support, encouragement and ideas for living out the Christian faith between two cultures.