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History of Christianity

Scott W. Sunquist

Scott W. Sunquist (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) is president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Read More

Yudha Thianto

Yudha Thianto (PhD, Calvin Theological Seminary) is professor of history of Christianity and Reformed theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. Read More

Kirk Farney

Kirk D. Farney (PhD, University of Notre Dame) is vice president for advancement, vocation, and alumni engagement and a member of the history faculty at Wheaton College (Illinois). Read More

Jennifer Woodruff   Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait (PhD, Duke University) is the managing editor of Christian History magazine, the author of The Poisoned Chalice: Eucharistic Grape Juice and Common-Sense Realism in Victorian Methodism, and a priest in the Episcopal Church. Read More

Timothy Larsen

Timothy Larsen (PhD, University of Stirling) is McManis Professor of Christian Thought at Wheaton College. Read More

Karin Maag

Karin Maag (PhD, The University of St. Andrews) is professor and director of the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies at Calvin University. Read More

Vince L.  Bantu

Vince L. Bantu (PhD, The Catholic University of America) is assistant professor of church history and Black church studies at Fuller Theological Seminary and is the Ohene of the Meachum School of Haymanot.

Ike Miller

Ike Miller (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is lead pastor and church planter of Bright City Church. Read More

Samantha L. Miller

Samantha L. Miller (PhD, Marquette University) is assistant professor of the history of Christianity at Anderson University. Read More

Robert Chao Romero

Robert Chao Romero (PhD, University of California at Los Angeles; JD, University of California at Berkeley) is associate professor in the Departments of Chicana/o Studies and Asian American Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles. Read More

Jennifer Powell McNutt

Jennifer Powell McNutt (PhD, St Andrews) is associate professor of theology and history of Christianity at Wheaton College, where she coordinates the MA in history of Christianity degree program. Read More

Samuel Escobar

Samuel Escobar, a native of Peru and a leading Latin American theologian, was one of the key participants in the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization at Lausanne, Switzerland. Read More

Veronica Mary Rolf

Veronica Mary Rolf is an independent scholar of medieval studies, educated at Columbia University, and an academic lecturer. Read More