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Fall 2024 Books

Birth of the Chosen One

A First Nations Retelling of the Christmas Story

Citizenship Without Illusions

A Christian Guide to Political Engagement

Confronting Sexism in the Church

How We Got Here and What We Can Do About It

Disarming Leviathan

Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbor

Faithful Politics

Ten Approaches to Christian Citizenship and Why It Matters

Family Discipleship That Works

Guiding Your Child to Know, Love, and Act Like Jesus

Films for All Seasons

Experiencing the Church Year at the Movies

Great to Good

How Following Jesus Reshapes Our Ambitions

Healing Leadership Trauma

Finding Emotional Health and Helping Others Flourish

His Face like Mine

Finding God's Love in Our Wounds

How Not to Waste a Crisis

Quit Trying Harder

Invest in Transformation

Quit Relying on Trust

Lay Me in God's Good Earth

A Christian Approach to Death and Burial