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Spring 2024 Books

The Adoptee's Journey

From Loss and Trauma to Healing and Empowerment

The Art of Living in Season

A Year of Reflections for Everyday Saints

Attentive Church Leadership

Listening and Leading in a World We've Never Known

Awakening to Justice

Faithful Voices from the Abolitionist Past

Beyond Ethnic Loneliness

The Pain of Marginalization and the Path to Belonging

Beyond the Clinical Hour

How Counselors Can Partner with the Church to Address the Mental Health Crisis

Beyond the Wager

The Christian Brilliance of Blaise Pascal

The Crucibles That Shape Us

Navigating the Defining Challenges of Leadership

Diary of an Old Soul

Annotated Edition

Discipleship as Holy Collaboration

Helping Others Follow Jesus in Real Life

Enduring Friendship

Sticking Together in an Age of Unfriending

Hear My Prayer

Learning from the Faith of Elijah—A 6-Week Bible Study

Hear Ye the Word of the Lord

What We Miss If We Only Read the Bible

The Integration Journey

A Student's Guide to Faith, Culture, and Psychology

La misión cristiana en el mundo moderno

Live Slowly

A Gentle Invitation to Exhale

Looking Up

A Birder's Guide to Hope Through Grief

Moms at the Well

Meeting God Through the Mothers of Scripture—A 7-Week Bible Study

Not Finished Yet

Trusting God with All My Feelings


The Evangelical Legacy of Slavery in Edwards, Wesley, and Whitefield

Prayers for the Pilgrimage

A Book of Collects for All of Life

The Return of the Kingdom

A Biblical Theology of God's Reign

The Riches of Your Grace

Living in the Book of Common Prayer

The Surface of Water

A Novel

Untangling Critical Race Theory

What Christians Need to Know and Why It Matters

Walking the Theological Life

Discovering Method for Theology in the Lives of Biblical Characters

The Way of Belonging

Reimagining Who We Are and How We Relate

When God Became White

Dismantling Whiteness for a More Just Christianity

Worship in an Age of Anxiety

How Churches Can Create Space for Healing

Worth Seeing

Viewing Others Through God's Eyes

Zion Learns to See

Opening Our Eyes to Homelessness