Spring 2017 Books

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Becoming Curious

A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions

Beyond the Modern Age

An Archaeology of Contemporary Culture

Contemporary Art and the Church

A Conversation Between Two Worlds

Culture Care

Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life

The Decalogue

Living as the People of God

The Disruption of Evangelicalism

The Age of Torrey, Mott, McPherson and Hammond

Embodied Hope

A Theological Meditation on Pain and Suffering

Evangelical, Sacramental, and Pentecostal

Why the Church Should Be All Three

Explorations in Asian Christianity

History, Theology, and Mission

The God Conversation

Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith

God and the Problem of Evil

Five Views

The God-Shaped Brain

How Changing Your View of God Transforms Your Life

Interpreting Old Testament Wisdom Literature

Keeping Place

Reflections on the Meaning of Home

A Little Book for New Bible Scholars

More Than Enchanting

Breaking Through Barriers to Influence Your World

Movies Are Prayers

How Films Voice Our Deepest Longings


Why Christianity Was Never Meant to Be Simple

The Path of Christianity

The First Thousand Years

The People's Book

The Reformation and the Bible

Restoring the Soul of the University

Unifying Christian Higher Education in a Fragmented Age

The Self-Aware Leader

Discovering Your Blind Spots to Reach Your Ministry Potential

The Seven Deadly Virtues

Temptations in Our Pursuit of Goodness

Seven Letters to Seven Churches

The Sound of a Million Dreams

Awakening to Who You Are Becoming

Spirituality for the Sent

Casting a New Vision for the Missional Church


One Christian's Reflections on Encountering Death

Theologies of the American Revivalists

From Whitefield to Finney

To Alter Your World

Partnering with God to Rebirth Our Communities

To the Cross

Proclaiming the Gospel from the Upper Room to Calvary

Transcending Mission

The Eclipse of a Modern Tradition

When Changing Nothing Changes Everything

The Power of Reframing Your Life

Winsome Persuasion

Christian Influence in a Post-Christian World