The InterVarsity Press (IVP) daily Bible podcast, Get in the Word with Truth’s Table, received the Award of Excellence in the category of Religion & Spirituality from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts as part of its 30th Annual Communicator Awards. The Award of Excellence, the highest honor, is given to those entrants whose ability to communicate positions them as the best in the field.

Produced in partnership with the popular podcast Truth’s TableGet in the Word with Truth’s Table features daily Bible readings and prayers narrated by Dr. Christina Edmondson and Ekemini Uwan, two cohosts of Truth’s Table.

Uwan said, “As Christians, there is a temptation to water down our faith in God and our commitment to trust God’s Holy Word for fear that we will be rejected by society. So to receive the 2024 Communicator Award of Excellence for communicating the Word of God by reading and praying through the Bible is a true honor. When the Word of God is read by Black women, who are not often heard in the audio Bible podcast realm, we see the power the Word of God has to reach, resonate, and have an impact on people within and outside of Christianity. For that, we say, to God be the glory!"

The Communicator Awards is sanctioned and reviewed by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, an invitation-only group consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, communications, advertising, creative, and marketing firms. AIVA members include executives from organizations such as Amazon, Big Spaceship, Chelsea Pictures, Conde Nast, Critical Mass, Disney, ESPN, GE Digital, IBM, The Nation of Artists, Nextdoor, Spotify, Time Inc., the Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, and Wired. 

Helen Lee, IVP’s director of Strategic Initiatives, said, “Looking at the list of recipients for the Communicator Awards of Excellence, I am so delighted to see that a podcast featuring the Word of God was recognized among the honorees, which also include entities such as the White House, PBS, and Disney. This is not by our own human efforts but through God’s hand upon this daily offering that IVP has been so honored to be a part of alongside our friends and partners from Truth’s Table. Working with Christina Edmondson and Ekemini Uwan on this special project has been a tremendous blessing, and I’m so glad that this unique contribution to the church and world continues to find an increasing audience that is getting into God’s Word in deeper measure.”

Featuring the New English Translation and a reading plan developed by Peter Schrock of Bible Study Together, the Get in the Word with Truth’s Table episodes move chronologically through the Old Testament and make relevant connections between the Old and New Testaments along the way, interweaving Scripture passages together in a single tapestry so that Old Testament stories, psalms, and prophecies connect as much as possible to New Testament teaching without losing their original context. The podcast restarts on January 1 each year, but listeners can begin anytime and move through the readings at their own pace. In October 2023, Get in the Word with Truth’s Table reached the landmark accomplishment of being downloaded one million times.

In response to the Communicator Awards announcement, Edmonson said, “We don’t do the work that we do for earth acknowledgments, but it is amazing to experience this Godwink! The Communicator Award for Excellence is a reminder that our hard work is recognized and that the standard of excellence that we pursue is not in vain. We continue to hope that the attention from this award, and any others that the Lord sees fit to provide, will draw people’s attention to God‘s Holy Word, which changes lives and transforms communities. As always, we’re grateful for our partners at IVP, who are eager to shine their light in the world of publishing and podcasting.”

Get in The Word with Truth’s Table is one of a growing number of projects underwritten by IVP’s Every Voice Now Initiative, which seeks to amplify and elevate voices of color.