The Power of the 72

The Power of the 72

Ordinary Disciples in Extraordinary Evangelism

by John Teter

The Power of the 72
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  • Published: December 12, 2017
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They were not professionals. They were not celebrities. We don't even know their names.

We know very little about them, except that they were everyday people who were drawn to Jesus. When Jesus asked them to join him in his mission, they stepped up, answered the call, and went out in his name. And amazing things happened as a result.

They were the 72.

Pastor and evangelist John Teter explains how Jesus trains ordinary people to accomplish an extraordinary mission. He unpacks the story of the sending of the 72 to reveal how they were equipped in evangelism and discovered opportunities to herald God's kingdom in concrete and tangible ways. Filled with vivid stories of Teter's remarkable experiences in ministry and church planting, this book shows how we can live out God's call and witness the transformation of those around us.

You too have been called by Jesus. Discover how God empowers you to play your part. Welcome to the 72.

"Having modeled to them what his kingdom looks like, Jesus sent seventy-two vulnerable people out into all the towns and villages, endowed with his authority, to alert everyone to his marvelous reign and rule. It was a kind of beautiful, organized chaos. John Teter thinks we can't improve on it. After all, he and his church have been doing it this way for years. Developing his approach based on Luke 10, John presents an inspiring and readable vision for missional evangelism the Jesus way."

Michael Frost, author of Surprise the World! and To Alter Your World

"John Teter knows his stuff. He has been one of the seventy-two, and he has also equipped literally thousands of the seventy-two: 'normal' church members. This book will impact your prayer life, your sense of calling, your view of Scripture, and how you see urban America. It's dripping with good news, rooted in real stories ranging from Starbucks to former gang members. Brand new believers and church planters alike will be blessed by this read."

Doug Schaupp, national director of evangelism, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, coauthor of Breaking the Huddle

"John Teter's profound gift of transforming the intuitive to the intentional is never more evident than in The Power of the 72. He has taken our call for evangelism to another dimension with powerful and moving narratives from his life, family, church, and ministry experiences. Within this narrative flow, John then practically advises us to engage biblically, theologically, and experientially with becoming one of the seventy-two who were sent out by Jesus in Luke 10. This is without question the most engaging and comprehensive book on evangelism I have read. It is no surprise I finished reading it in one sitting—it was that compelling. This is a must-read for every Christian and every church."

Randall Y. Furushima, president emeritus, Pacific Rim Christian University, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Evangelism is a must for all Christians. Through this book, Dr. John Teter has provided not only biblical insight into the subject but also has offered valuable and practical suggestions on how to do it well. As John and his team have been helping us in Hong Kong with evangelism and church planting during the past few years, we really wish that this practical guide had arrived earlier."

Simon Yeung, honorary executive secretary, Mission Covenant Church, Hong Kong

"Pastor John put together a wonderful resource on evangelism for us in The Power of 72. He weaves personal stories with biblical exposition from Luke 10 forming a tapestry of wisdom for us to consider as we put our faith in motion. Dive in to the Word of God and let it simmer as you ruminate on his suggestions for reaching the world next door. You'll learn a lot along the way and may grow into a fruitful voice with Christ as you step out and practice what he teaches."

Joseph W. Handley Jr., president, Asian Access, Tokyo, Japan

"I've had the privilege of witnessing how God is at work at Fountain of Life Covenant Church in Long Beach, CA. This is a blueprint on how they have reached across race and class to make disciples of all people. People from all walks of life are being transformed and raised up as leaders. This book captures some of these incredible stories. Prepare to be challenged and to re-examine how your church can truly reach your wider community. Move beyond your fears or discomforts and imagine how God might use you and your community to make an impact, just like the 72."

Miho Buccholtz, copastor, Tokyo Life Church, Tokyo, Japan

"Sometimes in focusing on evangelism, we lose our focus on discipleship. Or if we focus on discipleship, we lose the evangelistic fervor. In his book The Power of the 72, John Teter challenges us with the importance of evangelism and provides practical application for every disciple to be sent out with power."

Dave Ferguson, lead pastor of Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL, author of Finding Your Way Back to God and Starting Over

"Starting with a dozen Galilean men and a few women, Jesus expanded his ministry to the nations by commissioning seventy-two additional unnamed disciples to join his ministry team. In his new book, my good friend Pastor John Teter unpacks how embracing The Power of the 72 can revolutionize our ability to impact our communities with the good news of the kingdom."

Noel Castellanos, president of Christian Community Development Association, author of Where the Cross Meets the Street

"Over twenty years ago, the Lord brought me and John Teter together amid a sea of twenty thousand people. I have mentored, encouraged, and watched John consistently grow in his personal witness and evangelism leadership. In his new book, The Power of the 72, John combines insights from Luke 10, real stories from the frontlines of a church plant, and theories that he has been testing for years. I highly recommend this resource to develop evangelists in your ministry."

Alexander Gee Jr., senior pastor, Fountain of Life Covenant Church, Madison, WI

"The Power of the 72 is a breath of fresh air. Theological, inspirational, and practical, it injects much-needed life into what unfortunately has become the stale church practice of evangelism. John Teter expresses passion and joy through this text that encourages readers toward a holistic and healthy approach to sharing the power of the gospel message."

Soong-Chan Rah, Milton B. Engebretson Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism, North Park Theological Seminary


Foreword by Darrell Johnson
Introduction: Welcome to the 72

Part I: Theology
1. Faith Comes First
2. Sent to the Poor
3. Wolves, Bears, and Crushing Pressure

Part II: Application
4. How People Become Christians
5. Earnest and Powerful Prayers
6. Friends: Secular to Sacred
7. Experience: Healing and Hearing
8. Conversion: Rejoice with Me

Epilogue: A Final Benediction

John Teter

Rev. Dr. John Teter is the founding and senior minister of Fountain of Life Covenant Church in Long Beach, California. He served as the director of church planting for the Evangelical Covenant Church overseeing over one hundred new church plants. Building on that wisdom, John and his team created Fountain of Life Antioch, the church planting wing of FOL. God has used FOL Antioch to develop urban apostles in US inner cities, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and are preparing to launch new work in Kenya.

John is a Bible expositor, evangelistic preacher, and author of The Power of the 72, Get the Word Out, and Jesus & the Hip-Hop Prophets (coauthored with Alex Gee). He and his wife, Becky, live in Long Beach with their three children, and can often be found on the local tennis courts.