Fall 2020 Books

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1 and 2 Samuel

An Introduction and Commentary

Be Kind to Yourself

Releasing Frustrations and Embracing Joy

The Beautiful Community

Unity, Diversity, and the Church at Its Best

Blessed Are the Nones

Mixed-Faith Marriage and My Search for Spiritual Community

A Chronicle of Grief

Finding Life After Traumatic Loss

Companions in Suffering

Comfort for Times of Loss and Loneliness

Compassion (&) Conviction

The AND Campaign's Guide to Faithful Civic Engagement

Enhancing Christian Life

How Extended Cognition Augments Religious Community

Everywhere You Look

Discovering the Church Right Where You Are

Forty Days on Being a Three

Forty Days on Being a Two

God Has Chosen

The Doctrine of Election Through Christian History

"Here Are Your Gods"

Faithful Discipleship in Idolatrous Times

The Leader in You

Discovering Your Unexpected Path to Influence

Liberation Is Here

Women Uncovering Hope in a Broken World

Life Questions Every Student Asks

Faithful Responses to Common Issues

The Liturgy of Politics

Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor

Marriage in the Middle

Embracing Midlife Surprises, Challenges, and Joys

Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes

Patronage, Honor, and Shame in the Biblical World

Not Done Yet

Reaching and Keeping Unchurched Emerging Adults

The Other Side of the Wall

A Palestinian Christian Narrative of Lament and Hope

The Problem of the Old Testament

Hermeneutical, Schematic, and Theological Approaches

Questions of Context

Reading a Century of German Mission Theology

Reading Scripture as the Church

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Hermeneutic of Discipleship

Rebels and Exiles

A Biblical Theology of Sin and Restoration

Reimagining Apologetics

The Beauty of Faith in a Secular Age

Relational Spirituality

A Psychological-Theological Paradigm for Transformation

Retrieving Augustine's Doctrine of Creation

Ancient Wisdom for Current Controversy

Rhythms for Life

Spiritual Practices for Who God Made You to Be

Science and the Doctrine of Creation

The Approaches of Ten Modern Theologians

Sex and the City of God

A Memoir of Love and Longing

Spiritual Practices of Jesus

Learning Simplicity, Humility, and Prayer with Luke's Earliest Readers

Tethered to the Cross

The Life and Preaching of Charles H. Spurgeon

Uncommon Church

Community Transformation for the Common Good

The Universe Next Door

A Basic Worldview Catalog

The Way Up Is Down

Becoming Yourself by Forgetting Yourself

Wisdom from Babylon

Leadership for the Church in a Secular Age

Worship and the World to Come

Exploring Christian Hope in Contemporary Worship